Lost Ark

MMORPG with the open world, the release date is November 07, 2018

type: client games

genre: MMORPG

Payment: Free (free-to-play)

developer: smilegate, tripod

publisher: mail.ru


Release date:November 07, 2018

play free in Lost Ark: the official website

MMORPG with the open world of Lost Ark got into the category of expected games. According to the Lost ARK developers ideas, it will be really huge, melting various secrets and puzzles, which can only be solved by fulfilling the tasks. Already now in the project you can see:

- the capital of the Beronsky castle with colorful buildings and buildings;

is a test corridor, a hidden place in a relief area, where you have to fight with evil spirits; p>

- chaos dungeon, which simply teems with demons;

- exciting card battles;

- the training center where everyone can train and test the skills on monsters;

- a huge number of diverse tasks;

- six types of raids;

- various islands and much more. P>

According to the plot, the world of Lost Ark was overwhelmed by a wave of demons, and now the task of the heroes to find the treasured ark that will help destroy the enemy. But the whole plot is actively starting to open in the dungeons, while the events will have a real impact on the process of playing in the instances. Naturally, the game has various quests, but here the developers stepped further than others - adding hidden quests to the game, which can be found by accident. In addition, you can also accidentally find the entrance to some next dungeon. So during the game you will have to twist your head around and notice even the smallest details. In general, you will not have to miss exactly.

, of course, it is worth saying separately about the class system. The developers decided to take as a basis a classic scheme: Hil, Tank and Damager, which is another plus. This suggests that the developers strive for meaningful group content.

in Lost ARK, 18 classes are planned, but then how to look. In fact, basic classes are 7, but each class has a subclass due to a branch of skills. The skill development system is also quite interesting. The player can configure the skills by independently setting various parameters: spontaneous damage, attack range, etc. Therefore, it turns out that one main skill will work in a completely different way for the other player, so it turns out that the class will already be different. For example, a warrior is a tank with a powerful destructive force. Subclasses: military leader, barbarian, liquidator.

You can see more about the classes on the official website of the project in the Class tab, there are also images of weapons and videos (the class tab is constantly filled, new classes are added).

Naturally, naturally, The game also has craft professions, for example, a fisherman or archaeologist. They will also need to be developed by earning craft experience. In addition, the professions have a wooden tree and this is not just adding +1 to fishing or something similar, but a real improvement that you can see. In general, the craft system is very interesting, in addition, it has separate content.

Monsters in Lost ARK are very diverse, but of course, bosses will be in a separate chip. These are world bosses, and raids, and from the dungeons. There is where to accelerate. And of course, from the bosses you can get good yummy.

PVP system according to the developers, saturated and active. There are wars between guilds, and arenas, and in addition, peaceful and combat zones. So, most likely, there will be Pkashniki here.

And in Lost ARK amazing sea content. This is not just a boat, but fishing, the search for lost treasures, secret locations and ferocious sea bosses.

Add to all the above various mini-games, craft, sharpening of equipment, dungeons for survival, pets and other standard buns.

System requirements

the minimum

OS: Windows 7 x64

processor: Intel Core i3


video card: GeForce GTX 460

Place on disk: 50gb


OS: Windows 7 x64

processor: Intel Core i5


Video card: GeForce GTX 660

Place on the disk: 50gb

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