Mirage Arcane Warfare

MMO ActionMirage: Arcane Warfarefrom Torn Banner Studios - this is a completely new project, the development of which began in 2014. The developers have already established themselves by releasing Chivalry in 2012: Medieval Warfare and for some time were in the lull. However, this project is very different from the previous ones. No, you should not think that the bloody mess on swords and axes has disappeared, no, but now it is all decorated in warm colors.

Type: Client games

Genre: Mmo Action

Payment: One -time purchase

Developer: Torn Banner Studios

Publisher: Torn Banner Studios

Platform: PC

Date Exit:May 23, 2017

Official website:Cross the entire project, the entire project is made in the eastern style, here is a hot desert, eastern bazaar and eastern desert and here The magnificent chambers of the shahs, in such places, developers offer players to rejoice with ruthless steel and powerful magic.

The choice of the player shows six classes:

- Entropist- this is a mixture of several classes, and in He is a magic carpet;

- Vigilist- a persistent defender who supports his teammates controls the battlefield;

- vypress- The elusive and mobile killer who uses his mobility and speed to burn enemies;

- Taurant is a huge barbarian that surpasses in close combat and uses its size and physical force to dominate the enemies close; P>

- Alcemincer is a powerful magician that relies exclusively on the destructive power and possibilities of his magic;

- Tinker- a protective trap specialist who uses his cunning and wit to defeat stronger opponents.

In addition, the game has two fractions:

- Bashrahn - Bashrahn Imrat personifies the elite of his civilization, owning the magic of genies as an instrument for power and production. They live in the great city of Bashrahn, with its rich palaces and beautiful markets, and believe that magic can ruin the mind and body, if you use it too often.

- Azar - Azar bondage live like outcasts in the desert, Expelled from the city because of their excessively diligent communication with the source of magic-the spirits of the genies. They do not agree with Bashrahn on the use of magic in the name of power and production. Instead, their connection with the genies is much more spiritual and less restrained.

regarding the regimes, the developers tried to glory, since the variety here shines.




Strong>System requirements

recommended system requirements

OS: Windows 10 X64 | Windows 7 x64 | Windows 8 x64

processor: Intel Core i7 (Quad Core)

video card: AMD Radeon RX 480 | GeForce GTX 970

Memory: 8gb

Place on the disk: 20gb

DirectX: 11

The availability of an Internet connection

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