My Time at Portia

role-player, output date-January 15, 2018

type: client games

genre: Simulator

Payment: a one -time purchase

developer: Pathea Games

Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd

Platform: PC

Date of exit:January 15, 2018

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my time at Portiais a role-playing player developed by Pathea Games. Players can catch fish, engage in gardening, build, build, communicate with the townspeople, marry, fight with bosses, go through the dungeons and not only.

The story begins with the fact that your character moves to the city of Portia To inherit the old workshop of your father in the hope of restoring her former glory. Having visited the city, you can find small fragments of history about the world of Portia, there are interesting side stories, such as the conflict between the church and the research center. The world of Portia is lively. The world of Portia is in the post-apocalyptic future, where human life is scarce, and cars are just relics of the past, but from how mystical and serene the world looks, it certainly does not look like an apocalypse. The spoilage of peaceful, colorful and beautiful, the world is dotted with dense forests, in which many intriguing creatures live. An attractive grass landscape of Portia is combined with large monolithic structures that remained of the old world. Music My Time At Portia is also bizarre and soothing, perfectly accompanying the calm of the game world. This is a truly amazing and unique world.

The city of spoiling is full of interesting people for communication, and you decide whether you want to find time to build relationships with people.

The interaction of the characters is divided into 4 options: chat, gift, fight and mini-game, each of which offers a way to build relationships with people from Portia. Communication, fight and mini-game will slightly increase the level of your relationship, and gifts of gifts are the main way to win the location. Each character has its own sympathies and antipathy, which means that you need to experiment or determine from their personality that they might like. The system of relations in the game is simplified, but funny enough to make you actively seek communication with the characters with whom you want to be friends. Residents of Portia also really live their days in the city. The characters even attend city meetings and festivals. Attention to the details of each character is obvious, and it really adds to the idea that spoilage is a realistic, functional city.

my time at Portia is not small tasks, but work on small step -by -step moments to achieve a specific goal. Just like other games of this kind, most of your time in Portia will be spent on performing the tasks necessary for the completion of missions every day.

most of the days will be spent on the extraction of as many ore as possible, as well as to effectively use all the equipment in the workshop, for example, use furnaces to smelting copper ore in copper ingots or use an industrial cutter to Provide sufficiently wooden boards. The extraction of minerals, despite the fact that it is surprisingly simple, truly attractive, and there are many resources in it that can be extracted from abandoned ruins of Portia. Just take out the pick and get everything you want, or use the seeker of relics to find rare pieces of prey left from the old world.

The craft system of games is multifaceted and, despite the fact that it is sometimes stunning, provides the player with many different things to create.

my time at Portia at the end of the day is a good game in which all the foundations are laid to make it an excellent game.

systemic systems Requirements


OS: Windows 7+/8.1/10 64 bit

processor: Intel i3

RAM: 6 gb

video card: ATI 5770, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460

DirectX: versions 10

Place on the disk: 5 GB


OS: Windows 10 64 bit

processor: Intel i7


video card: nvidia GeForce GTX960+

DIRECTX: versions 11

Place on the disk: 10 gb

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