Collectible card game (KKI), Release date - September 19, 2019

Type: Client games

Genre: KKI

Date of exit: September 19 on September 19 2019

platform: PC, mobile

Payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: rhino games inc

Publisher: Rhino Games Inc

play for free at mythgard: official website

download mythgard in Steam

Mythgard - free collectible card game (KKI) for PC and mobile platforms. The world Mythgard is the concept that we met before. The gods of various mythologies coexist with people. But the way they represent this topic is unique in itself. The most powerful of the gods had long killed each other, putting less entities in conflict with people and the development of technology. The gods of the world are gradually becoming less special, since human knowledge and inventions improve.

, the majority of KKI games use paths based on paths. Your minions are on these paths, they decide which enemies you can attack, and also limit various types of spells. But the game also implements trident. This means that your minions can only attack space immediately in front of them and two neighboring spaces. This forms a trident of attack. To attack your opponent directly, you must remove all enemies from your trident.

Based on a trident, allows you to block and evade mechanics, which allows you to optimize the game without complicating it. You can also use the movement of your characters using their action to try to get around your enemies if you cannot defeat them. This helps to eliminate the phases, supports a quick pace, strategic battle.

mythgard allows you to create decks by combining any types of cards that you want. A system with two resources that is more smooth than such games, such as Magic the Gathering. This excludes the need to "use" resources for their use, since each resource can only be used in a certain way. Mythgard manages to introduce a system that is very similar to MTG, simplifying its use, without having a negative impact on the complexity or strategy of the game.

The game has a large number of modes: PVE, ordinary PVP, rank PVP, 2 on 2, puzzles. , PVE Mitten, PVP Arena and much more.

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System requirements


OS: Windows 7

processor: Dual Core from Intel or AMD AT 2.8 GHZ


video card: nvidia GeForce 8600/9600gt, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600

DirectX: versions 9.0c

Place on disk: 1 GB

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