Neverwinter- opens a colorful fantastic world in the MMORPG genre. Exciting storyline, furious battles and a classic of the role system are waiting for all adventure lovers in the Dungeon & Dragons universe. Strong>Genre: MMORPG

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: Cryptic Studios

publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release date:June 20, 2013

site: go

neverwinter- opens a colorful fantastic world In the MMORPG genre. Exciting storyline, furious battles and a classic of the role system are waiting for all adventure lovers in the Dungeon & Dragons universe.

Cryptic Studios, known for Star Trek Online, City of Heroes, this time created a really interesting and exciting project, which He was able to revive the fading adventure spirit according to the expanses of the universe of the forgotten kingdoms.

The name of the game completely repeats the name of the huge majestic city in the Neverwinter game. This is a city located on the northern outpost of the entire civilization, which is located along the shores of the magic river. The view of this city will amaze anyone and will like it at first sight, because the developers created all the conditions so that it was comfortable. After all, it is in him and within his environs that the player spends most of the game time.

But of course the beauty of the city is not the main feature of the game. The developers were well able to combine the heavy d & D-system and fashion trends: the Neverwinter game mechanic is not complicated, in addition, the Non-Target system is the most popular today. The authors focused on the dynamics of the battles - if your play style is lazy poisoning on the keys, then you will have to work here. In order to survive the character has to move all the time.

Starting to play, the player opens up the opportunity to choose a race suitable for him and the class class, and there are plenty of them here: 8 races (elves: forest, lunar, semi -elf; dwarves, people, semi -speakers , semi-tifling) and 7 classes (wizard, the lord, outer cleric, warrior warrior, rogue-lovkach, fearless warrior, hunter of the ranger, heifer tormentor).

No less pleasant in Neverwinter is session. If you do not have excess free time, but you want to play, then PVP-Arena, solo dangles and daily at your disposal, eventually get positive emotions in a short period of time.

The craft system will also delight users, here you do not need to work hard, personally washing off the new armor, but just give assignments to the mercenaries. In order for the task to be completed in full a certain amount of time. The more experience your character, the more you can give tasks, while spending your time on more important tasks. Even if you have temporarily left the open spaces of the game, the development of the character will not stop, a similar system, the pumping in Eve Online.

A long stay in any project can get bored with time, and Neverwinter developers took this moment into account. In the editor with the name of the workshop, you can create your own missions and share them with other players. Here you can create a wide variety of tasks: for one or more players, travel or battle, etc. Ultimately, thanks to this idea, the game, one might say, has almost a daily update.

In general, Neverwinter has become a pearl and a big surprise in the circle of admirers of MMORPG.

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