three -dimensional fantasy anime MMORPG, release date - September 18, 2017

type: client games

genre: MMORPG

Date of exit: September 18, 2017


PaymentPayment/Strong>: Free (free-to-Play)

developer: Entwell Co., Ltd.

Publisher: GameForge 4D GmbH

play for free in Nostale: official website

download nostale in Steam

Strong>Nostaleis a three -dimensional fantasy anime MMORPG with an interesting plot that gives the player the opportunity to take part in many events, starting from home animal training, decorating their home and training combat skills.

The plot of the game Such that the calm and prosperous world created by the goddess is on the verge of devastation, since its inhabitants gained control of elements such as water and fire. Moreover, creatures called Kenkos and Coran also lead an uprising, and it is then that the strength and abilities of your character enter the game.

nostale, like many other similar MMORPG, includes three main classes that are divided into Several subclasses. In addition to this, three special maps are available for each class, which endow the characters with unique abilities, making them stronger. Three main classes include a swordsman, archer and magician.

swordsmen are strong in nature and excellent in close combat, fighting with several enemies at the same time using their deadly blades.

archers affect battles with a large distance with mortal accuracy, using their bows and arrows on the one hand and excellent knowledge of toxic substances and poisons on the other.

Mages can change the course of the battle from an even greater distance compared to archers, and sometimes they can see other dimensions. They can cause damage to their enemies, using strong spells in addition to healing their partners in battle.

In Nostale, your character begins his journey as an adventurer, but as the game is going further, and you go through the level Behind the level.

You can train your pets to improve their ability to fight, which allows them to improve their skills.

nostale allows you to play solo, in a group or in PVP mode. Playing solo is quite simple; Nevertheless, the game in the group gives you a certain role, which, of course, becomes your main task. The PVP mode is slightly similar to the solo mode, except that it sets you against many players, which complicates the game.

group tasks or raids can be completed with at least four players, nevertheless 15. Nevertheless, nevertheless, nevertheless. , as the number of players increases, the complexity of the missions increases, which makes the game with friends more exciting!

Despite the fact that the graphics and colors in Nostale seem cheerful and saturated, in its visual aspects there is cartoon, and serious The battle of life and death does not seem so serious.

nostale is an original and unique MMORPG with a funny storyline, a huge variety of characters and a wide range of accessible improvements. Nevertheless, the lack of attractive graphics and huge differences in levels can push the player.

System requirements


OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8, Windows 10

processor: pentium 3 800 mhz

RAM: 512 mb

video card: GeForce 2 mx

DirectX: versions 9.0

Place on the disk: 6 gb


OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

processor: intel i3

RAM: 2 gb

video card: gts 450

directx: versions 9.0

Place on the disk: 8 GB

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