Pirates: the assault on heaven (allods online)

pirates: the assault on heaven (pirates: allods online)is an interesting team MMO Action of the Allods Online, where players were battles against each other astral ships. Thoughts about the creation of such a project appeared among the developers at the first stages of the development of allods, but it was decided to finalize the first project, and then consider other options.

Type: Client games

genre: Action

Payment: Free (free-to-polay)

developer: allods Team

publisher: mail.ru Games

date of exit: 15 December 2016 (the project was closed on September 29, 2017)

Official website:Go

Rules in the game Pirates: The assault on heaven in Generally reminiscent of the World of Tanks rules. But here the battles take place on astral ships in the air, the ships are covered by several shields, which protect them from enemy attacks. Various types of weapons are placed on the ships, and for the maximum hit the player will have to learn how to maneuver and defend well. The game has a very large number of a wide variety of ships, and their types are constantly modified, improved and added. Of course, there are heavy, sniper and fast with good maneuverability, there is also special specialization. Each ship is unique and has its own characteristics.

pirates: the assault on heaven is a conditionally free game model, but even at the start of the player there are many types of ships. And to open all the ships, the player will have to try well. After all, the pumping of the astral ship is not a quick thing, but it is worth it - after all, you can ultimately see the result, and it is impressive.

The game system is well developed in the game, you can collectively collect resources And engage in the construction of forts. It is profitable to build forts, because They give a good bonus, well, of course, the fort needs to be protected from enemy attacks.

System requirements

nvidia GeForce 285/Ati Radeon 4870
NVIDIA GeForce 285/ATI Radeon 4870
direct x 6.0
direct X 6.0
Hard disc
56k modem
Vista SP2 (32/64BIT)/Windows 7 (32/64BIT)
VISTA SP2 (32/64BIT)/Windows 7 (32/64BIT)

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