Planetside 2

Free Scientific and Fantastic Mmofps, Release Date-November 20, 2012

Type: Client games

Genre: Shooter

Payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: Daybreak Game Company

publisher: Daybreak Game Company

Platform: PC

Date of exit:November 20, 2012 years

play for free in Planetside 2: Official site

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Planeside 2-this is a free science fiction mmofps in the world of constant conditions, in which three factions fight for capture and retention as many territories as possible. Large battles in the open world with hundreds of players at the same time on the field are a common phenomenon in Planetside 2. The game can simultaneously participate in up to 1,200 players fighting on the continent and the excellent variety of weapons and vehicles. The game sets the Ginnes world record for the largest battle per second with the participation of 1158 players participating in one battle.

The game is deeply rooted in science fiction and includes massive industrial complexes, massive exoskeletons, power fields and futuristic versions Weapons of the real world.

players begin with the choice of faction and creation of characters. The Planetside 2 training system is well taught by new players how to move, shoot from various weapons, as well as gaming mechanics, such as capture of objects, relocation and purchase of vehicles.

Planetside 2 is located in a constant state world consisting of four vast continents. Each continent has a different terrain and about a dozen square kilometers of the adversarial area. Players can use the area to get an advantage over their opponents. The game also has weather and day/night cycles, which can also affect the course of battles. Coordinated attacks on several enemy territories can be the most effective under cover of night, since the enemies will not see their arrival until it becomes too late. Despite the huge scale of the game, each of these continents looks amazing. Models of players are also incredibly detailed and realistic, including weapons, armor and vehicles. Sound effects in place, and music fits perfectly into the theme of the game.

Planetside 2 - this is primarily a first -person shooter. Thus, FPS rules are applied, such as aiming for accuracy of the sight or the use of shelter in your interests. The choice of the right weapon, class and vehicle for the situation is the same important part of the game as the ability to hold the sight on the enemy. Planetside 2 also allows players to configure their characters in accordance with their game style, unlocking and improving the abilities with the help of points that you can earn by gaining a certain number of experience points or receiving game achievements. These abilities add more diversity to the basic classes of the battle and give the players bonuses, such as increasing armor glasses, faster treatment for doctors, additional cells for grenades or the ability to carry and remotely explode charges.

In addition to abilities, players can also configure their equipment the way they want.

The capture of various objects around the aurakxis is the core of the Planetside 2. Various objects of the occupation fraction of various advantages. Technological plants allow you to give rise to the main combat tanks, biolaboratives provide high health regeneration for the entire fraction, and the AMP stations generate resources that are used to generate vehicles and load pomegranates and other explosives. Each faction also has its own Warp Gates, which are usually located at the corners or edges of the continent. Warp Gates is safe areas where players start the game, and the only place where they can move between continents. To capture the object, players must control all security terminals at the facility.

Planetside 2 - this is an excellent MMOFPS, which provides exactly what it should: mass battles in real time in the constant world.

System requirements


OS: Windows XP

processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850, AMD Phenom II X2


video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600, AMD or ATI series 4850

DirectX: 9.0

Disco Place: 15 GB


OS: Windows 7

processor: Intel series i5, AMD Phenom II X6


video card: nvidia GeForce 540, AMD HD 6870

DirectX: 9.0

Place on the disk: 15 GB

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