Planetside Arena

Scientific and fantastic mmofps, Release date-September 19, 2019

Type: Client games

Genre: Shooter Suher

Payment: a one -time purchase

developer: Daybreak Game Company

Publisher: Daybreak Game Company

Platform: PC

Date of exit:September 19, 2019 (closure 10.01.2020)

Play Planeside Arena: Official site

Download Planeside Arena in Steam

Planetside Arena-Scientific and Fantastic MMOFPS and, by the way, is very similar to its predecessor Planetside 2. In fact, it seems that Daybreak simply cut the existing game and broke it into game modes. The only real innovation here is the addition of the Battle Royale mode on a wide scale. The main elements of the gameplay in Planeside Arena will be practically identical to Planetside 2, since they will be based on classes and will include the same weapons and vehicles from the previous game.

When the Planeside Arena is launched in two modes : Royal Battle of 150 players for solo and teams of three people, and Massive Clash, a group battle with the participation of 250 players on each side. After the launch, more modes are planned, such as a team mortal match, capture of the flag and others.

The royal battle offers you a game for one of three available classes, each with its own unique ability, utility and passive skill. The assault class can move quickly and run faster than other classes, has a passive skill that treats teammates, causing damage to opponents. The engineer has a tower with fire, and can quickly restore shields. The physician has the ability to heal the area of ​​friendly goals, the shield regeneration utility and a passive skill that allows him to restore teammates.

At the beginning of the match, the players are transferred on a map on the Bastion vehicle, which will be familiar to fans of the original Planeside games. And then they are thrown out of the bastion in capsules, landing on the surface only with a knife, a reactive satchel, which allows accelerated jumps, and a small personal ATV, which can be caused at any time. Other vehicles that can accommodate a whole team of three people can be found on the map.

as the players move on the map, they find many pickups and improvements for weapons. Your jet satchel, shields and class abilities can be improved during the match, but Planetside Arena does not use weapons in a normal combat style. Instead of finding mods and investments and collecting a more effective weapon from them, weapons of a higher level will be found with already included investments.

players will receive experience for matches that will open the drawings of weapons and equipment. They will also earn money for murders and help, as well as find it in pickups, boxes and other achievements that are not related to battle. This currency can be spent during the match on the terminals to gain access to the drawing weapon, which the players unlocked in the combat mission. Unlocked drawings will be available in all other game modes.

According to the developers, the future seasons of Planeside Arena will include new classes, vehicles, cards updates (and possibly completely new cards) and new weapons.

System requirements


OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 bit)

processor: Intel i5-2500k

Operational Memory: 4 GB

video card: nvidia GeForce GTX 570

DirectX: versions 10

Place on the disk: 20 gb


OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 Bit)

processor: Intel Core i7-7700k

RAM : 8 GB

video card: nvidia GeForce GTX 1060

DirectX: versions 10

Place on the disk: 20 gb

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