Point Blank

A few years ago, fans of network shooters hesitated in choosing who preference to Counter-Strike or Quake 3. I wanted to find some kind of golden mean that would be like a tactical shooter like Counter-Strike, but also captured A stunning and terrifying mochille like Quake 3. It is difficult to say thatPoint Blankbecame just such a golden mean, but the developers - Zepetto studio made a similar mix connecting the features of the aforementioned projects.

Type: Client games

Genre: Action, shooter

Payment: Free (free-to-Play)

developer: zepetto

publisher: innova

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release date:September 19, 2009

Site site: cross

from Quake 3 Point Blank, most likely accelerated dynamism and ease of gameplay, but C OUNTER-STRIKE apparently became an inspiration for dividing special forces and terrorists, fraud with bombs and unshakable "Kalashnikovs". The game adaptation in Point Blank does not go rapidly, but quickly enough, an experienced gamer will feel at home there, after a couple of minutes. Well, for beginners this period is a little more. The game interface is extremely simple and as comfortable as possible, when entering the game, the player will find everything you need: inventory, a list of clans, a store, an endless tape of various achievements and other necessary things.

installation and download of the game Point Blank is completely free, In general, the game Free-to-Play, if you want to pour real and buy all sorts of buns that will help play with comfort, but you want to just play and get hardcore pleasure. Looking into the store here for a certain amount of rubles, you can purchase almost everything.

Opening the official website, the screenshots of the game Point Blank are immediately striking. At first glance, it may seem that this project is the twin brother of CS (Counter-Strike), but when you start playing you understand that there is a difference and quite tangible. The dynamics of the game is just crazy, which will amaze any player. On one map there are dozens of players, teams at once, explosions and shots are constantly sounding, everything takes place quickly enough, as if at the speed rewind of recording Counter-Strike fights. Do not think that you will not be noticed if you decide to be a sniper, somewhere in a remote corner. Only a few minutes, and the enemy’s knife can make a noticeable hole in the side.

surprisingly, although the project is free, however, Point Blank has something to choose. There are several modes of the game:

- the team match - more resembles a simple mochilovo;

- "survival" - is divided into rounds and this mode resembles CS;

- "Destruction" - a selection of scenarios, where two teams of players participate, the mission of the first to protect an important object, the second - to destroy it;

- "Bomb" - a classic mode, where both counteracting sides can lay it Bombs.

Having lost only a few modes, the game is addictive, I want to continue and have fun, both from the team game and from the game in solo.

system requirements

Microsoft Windows Vista 32 BIT C The last Updates
Microsoft Windows 7 with the latest updates
Internet Explorer version 11 and aboveIntel Core i5-760 and higher/AMD Phenom II X4 and above20 GB of free spaceNVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and above/Radeon 4850 and higherDIRECTX-compatible

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minimum requirementsrecommended requirements
Operating system
Microsoft Windows 7 with the latest updates
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
BrowserInternet Explorer version 11 and above
processorIntel i5 -760 and above/AMD Phenom II X6 and higher
RAM4 GB for 32-bit OS/6 GB for 64-bit OS8 GB
HALK DIC20 GB of free space
video memory512 MB512 MB
VIELNVIDIA GeForce GTX 500 and above/AMD HD 6870 and above
Sound cardDirectX-compatible
Internet connectionAvailable Internet livaries (preferably broadband communication channel)The presence of Internet communication (preferably broadband communication channel)