Population Zero

A large-scale scientific-adventure online project in the Survival genre with MMO elements, the release date is in the development of

type: client games

Genre: MMORPG, sandbox

payment: one -time purchase

developer: enplex games

publisher: enplex Games

platform: PC

Date of Refineering:in development

Play the Population Zero: Official site

Population Zerois a large-scale scientific and adventure online project in the genre of Survival from MMO elements developed by the Moscow studio Enplex Games. In the Population Zero, players are invited to make a trip around the world created in the style of science fiction. Traveling, you can see amazing and unusual territories, independently create a unique equipment, form your habitats and enter into contractions with wild and dangerous monsters.

According to Population Zero developers, this is a unique combination of survival and MMO. Traveling around the seamless world of the Population Zero, you will notice that everything around lives its own life is developing, in addition, creatures who will meet on the way will not only become a source of resources, but will also be able to become indispensable assistants.

In the project, you can explore the world, collect resources, create various equipment, engage in the construction of buildings. In addition, the Population Zero combat system does not have an automatic capture of the target, and the developed development system helps to create a unique character.

The project is constantly developing the plot and a living environment. Performing the main branches of tasks, you will understand the basics of the game and start your journey.

There will be several fractions in the Population Zero, each of which will have its own ideology and worldview. Starting to play, the character will be a man, but having traveled a certain path under the influence of extraterrestrial force, he will be able to change his race.

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