Project Nova

hybrid fps, output date - in the development

type: client games

genre: shooter

Payment: Free (free-to-play)

developer: ccp

publisher: CCP

Platform: PC

Date of Output:in development

The official website Project Nova

project Nova, this working name received the project developed by CCP together with Sumo Digital. Project Nova is a hybrid FPS, the events of which are developing in the science fiction universe Eve Online, with tactical cooperative PVE and competitive PVP in combination with a deep and significant system of progress.

Players take on the role of WarClone, elite soldiers -Clonov, paving their own path to the fight against the Sanshi nation. Sanshi’s nation is a totalitarian state-based state, built on slave work with washed brains, and controlled by loyal "true guards", cybernetically enhanced elite. You were called to action in the Concord unit, specializing in protection against external threats. In conditions of wild rage in ground battles and space war, players will strive to destroy their oppressors and prevent the enslavement of free warriors.

Players will face the Sanshi nation through long stories, which use unpredictable goals and adaptive enemy AI to create a constantly attractive experience. The delightful game process FPS, based on detachments, allows players to place groups and automatic protection, adding a strategy in how they interact with the enemy forces on a variable battlefield. Players choose a weapon from the set and constantly expanding arsenal, which grows as they develop, unlocking new modifications, since they acquire skills in the chosen weapons.

The progressive system Project Nova allows players to easily create unique game styles with them from A huge variety of settings in abilities, weapons and skills. Dropsuits is a WarClone armor, there are three options: light, medium and heavy, each of which has two different classes of variations and everything can be updated. Concluding the missions and participating in a multiplayer mode, players can unlock various bonuses with various abilities, supporting a wide variety of game styles. All Dropsuits are supplied with built -in equipment, with a power supply network that determines the type and number of additional modifications that can be connected.

in PVP mode, along with the struggle against the Sanshi nation for Concord, players can also take the mercenary. Playing as a mercenary, players will fight each other to earn money and increase their reputation, while every victory is added to their personal rating. Different work of the mercenary gives different rewards - some jobs are more risky than others, but they pay better. A strong system of progress and seasonal awards guarantee that players will always have the opportunity to return again.

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