Termettiy in the classical style and real time, the release date is January 31, 2019

type: client games

genre: Strategy

Payment: One -time purchase

developer: Ice Code Games

Publisher: 1c Entertainment

Platform: PC

Date of exit:January 31, 2019

Play Re-Legion: Official website

download Re-Legion in Steam

Re- Legionis a strategy in a classic style and real time. According to the plot, you are invited to become a prophet in the terrible future and spread your faith in order to gain as many members of your cult as possible. The more believers, the stronger you become, improve your combat units and save the city from heretics.

The stagnant technocratic masses of people are searching for a strong leader who will bring peace to the world and save them from suffering.

Having at the head of society as a strong leader, you begin your campaign. It is at this moment that you need to use your gift of the prophet, turning to the masses, you spread your faith only among a few residents of the city, thereby recruiting and motivating them to follow you, as well as replenish your ranks. Naturally, it will be difficult to spread your idea among society alone, so you turn some newly -blessed citizens to preachers. They, in turn, will fulfill the same mission, turning another people to your faith and replenishing their detachments.

If a neutral resident turned into your faith, they will kneel before the main one. After that, the converts become live "schemes", which can be applied to prepare stronger units of the detachment, it all depends on which dogmas you have chosen. Dogma is an important part of the mechanics in the Re-Legion. It is they who become the determinant of what your detachments believe in, in addition, they will open certain skills and improvement of units.

You will need two main resources to update units: the generation of faith and money. The generation of faith occurs through the transition of some members of society to your faith. Money can be obtained by identifying other residents of the capture point.

there are several options for units, for the technological improvement of some you will only need money, and for others - only faith. You can go to enemy territory.

Having hit the enemy, note that the controlled territory of the enemy will deplete the faith of your detachments. If faith decreases to zero mark, your detachment will cease to obey you. That is why the Prophet radiates the aura around the units, which is a protective barrier from the leakage of faith. In addition, you can prepare other detachments that will do the same. Your opponent has exactly the same problem, so the main tactical course is precisely a decrease in the enemy faith to neutralize and transform its troops.

System requirements


OS: Windows 7/8/8.1 / 10

processor: Intel Core i3


Video card: GeForce GTX660, 2GB VRAM

directX: versions 9.0c

Disco Place: 5000 MB

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