Revelation Online

Revelation Onlineis a bright, colorful, well -designed game with a thoughtful quest and combat system. From Revelation Online, like all subsequent such projects, the game world expects one - revolution in the genre, but this project could not make it. Revelation Online is a salt team just a little bit, Chinese developers simply took interesting ideas from different MMORPG projects and combined one. It turned out to be quite impressive, vigorous and of course sticky-sweet.

Type: Client games


Payment: Free (free-to-play)

developer: Netease

Publisher: Netease, Games

Platform: PC

Date of output:December 23, 2016

site: to go

the Revelation Online project has been developed by Netease for five years, during this period, projects such as Archeage, Blade & Soul have already appeared. Black Desert Online, so it is strange enough that the project showed itself from the good side and did not end up behind its predecessors.

naturally the start of the game opens the character editor, as in many other games here you can spend an hour, creating the perfect perfection. As for the game itself, the character in the game looks just great, thanks to his equipment.

All the shortcomings and inaccuracies of the project are blocked by an open world, complete freedom of action and moving through the air. Of course, here you can move in a classic style on horses, but why? If there is the opportunity to fly and make wild jumps at super distances.

The distinctive feature of the game was a variable guidance system. It includes 3 systems at once: "Target", "non-target" and "semi-turge". All options can be used anywhere.

Starting playing Revelation Online, the player will be clearly not boring, since he will always find a lesson. The game is simply full of various tasks, dungeons, craft, and most importantly has an amazing system of relationships between users.

classes in the game currently 6: Guardian, Magician, Druid, shooter, reaper, craft professions also 6 , but additional specializations 16. In principle, there is something to choose from and what to think about.

pvp is very diverse, lovers of this direction will be satisfied, since PVP in Revelation Online , is a key moment. Available PVP mode becomes already from level 30. Naturally, there is a PC, arenas, mass deposits, a variety of tasks and large -scale defaults called the guild war for capture the castle.

In general, the game is interesting, diverse, dynamic, though all these interests are elements of other games, but it is quite possible that it is quite possible This is exactly what today's player is looking for.

System requirements
Minimum requirements:
- a dual-core Intel Pentium 2,4 GHz.
- GEFORCE 9500GT/GT610 or Intel HD4000.
- RAM: 2 GB.
- operating system: Windows 7.
Recommended requirements:
- Intel Core i5 3GHZ.
- RAM: 4 GB. >
- Operating system: Windows 10 / Win 7 64.

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