Seal Online: Blades of Destiny

Three -dimensional fantasy MMORPG in the style of anime, the release date is July 16, 2003

type: client games

genre: MMORPG

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: Playwith Interactive, inc.

publisher: R.O.H.A.n

platform: PC

Date of exit: July 16th July 16 2003

play for free in Seal Online: Official site

seal onlineis a three -dimensional fantasy MMORPG in the style of anime, which Grigon Entertainment was originally developed. The game was released in South Korea in 2003, but only in 2007 was published in North America. On June 18, 2013, the Seal Online: Blades of Destiny was released, which added new raids, a combat animal system and various corrections.

seal Online has an interesting storyline bordering mythology. It begins with the abyss that was before creating, and it tells about the gods, prophets, elected, huge battles and betrayal. This story is the background of the game with a pretty anime style with chibi characters and bright colors.

There are not many character settings in the game. You choose the genre and hairstyle of your characters. Nevertheless, there is a decent selection of classes: a beginner, warrior, knight, magician, priest, jester, artisan and hunter. The newcomer class is intended for those who want to undergo training before making a decision about their last grade at 10 level. There is a class promotion system in which you can choose between two specialized subclasses at 150 levels.

The game has the gameplay "Indicate and click". You use a mouse to move, view and interaction with the environment. There is also a combined system using the kes A, S and D. Although for many players the interface may seem somewhat confusing.

From the start at Seal Online, you will be introduced to you first, and the first 10 levels are intended to familiarize yourself with basic skills, such as sitting, sleep, fishing, etc. You will also learn about teleports, portals, awards and branches of tasks. The world of the game is divided into 30 zones, which are quite large. Teleports will help you quickly get to important quest areas.

When it comes to tasks, you will face a huge number of tasks for prey and murder. However, there is a fame system that can revive the situation. Fame gives you unique titles and determines which equipment and pet you can use. The skills are studied by NPC coaches in the city, and as soon as you recognize them, you can freely pump them around the game world.

The fighting is quite standard, but the combo system adds some highlights. Some characters can study the combo as they develop.

seal online there is a system of relationships. Using this system, you can invite another character of the opposite sex to become a couple. As soon as you find yourself in a pair, a heart icon will appear on your screen that will allow you to find out if your partner is on the network. In addition, by clicking this icon, you can teleport your partner to your location or send him a message. But that's not all! You can earn awards such as roses, fireworks and cosmetic objects, conducting "days of relations" together. The day of the relationship lasts 24 minutes, the time at which both players should be online. Players do not have to be next to each other or even actively, since the timer works, even if they are AFK.

in Seal Online is not a particularly strong PVP system. You have a duel, guild wars, battles in the arena and the world PVP. When it comes to the world PVP, there are certain rules. You can fight each other anywhere (except cities), but there is a fine for the murder of the player. This system is similar to the Lineage 2 system and several other Asian MMORPGs.

Other functions include raids, pets and farm monsters, which add additional depth to the game. Raids are classic MMORPG scenarios in which players are grouped and fight with bosses for an excellent reward. The raids in Seal Online vary from 10 levels to 251, and in the group there can be from 6 to 30 players. A pet can give additional statistics depending on its type and how it develops. It is also worth mentioning that since there is no auction in the game, the "player-store" trading system is used, that is, players create their own kiosks in lively areas to sell their items/equipment.

seal Online: Blades of Destiny is an old toy that continues to live and develop.

System requirements


OS: XP/Vista/7/8

processor: 600 mhz intel cpu

RAM: 256 mb

video card: any


Place on the disk: 1.5 GB


OS: XP/Vista/7/8

processor: 1 ghz Intel CPU

RAM: 256 MB

video card: GeForce FX Series Card

Place on the disk: 1.5 GB

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