Slay The Spire

Adventure card game with magic and magic, release date - November 15, 2017

type: Client games

genre: KKI

Payment: One -time purchase

developer: Mega Crit Games

Publisher: Mega Crit Games

Platform: PC

Date of Output:November 15, 2017

play Slay The Spire: Official website

download Slay the Spire in Steam

Slay The Spireis an adventure card game with magic and magic. Your task is to collect together a winning garbage strategy that you find lying on the sidelines of the road, or in this case on the side of the corridor in the murder tower full of monsters from mucus.

After each collision with the monster, you rise, and you will be offered to choose three cards, adding one to the deck. In the early stages, you can take a card from each spread, the most fed deck. Later, be more reasonable, more careful when compiling a specific strategy.

In Slay The Spire, your character is your deck. Although some cards separately are more powerful than others, simple accumulation of strong cards is not enough. Various mechanics go through kits of cards, and they clearly direct you to create decks that combine and combine effects to multiply their effects.

it is impossible to hold the map in your deck, holding it for later. Like a small opportunity to forever remove the card from your deck. Thus, there are compromises: you can take a map earlier, which will immediately add dead weight to your deck, but you hope that it will become the cornerstone of your strategy later, when you have other parts of the puzzles that can be united with it. Adding improved versions of basic attacks and protection will increase the total power of your deck, but will also reduce your chances of getting more important strategic cards in the future.

Each move you take five cards, and at the end of the course you dump your entire hand . When you quickly view your cards, you will see almost every significant battle all your deck. If you have cards with insufficient power or they do not correspond to your strategy, they will always appear and will be a problem.

the deck is felt as a dynamic living creature, both at the strategic level of the whole game and in separate battles. The composition of the deck and the card drawing is the heart of the card game: Slay the Spire emphasizes this heart, turning it into a center of what your character is. Some enemies clog your deck, inserting useless cards into it, and some options for remuneration for risk give you a benefit in exchange for inserting a dead card in your deck.

You can damage the enemies, playing cards, or you can block. Blocking means adding temporary points of life to your character, which are removed at the beginning of your next course. Monsters show their next move in the form of a badge above them, allowing you to foresee what they will do, and accordingly block or attack.

This leads to many interesting turns with tactical solutions that have true strategic consequences.

This is one of those games that knows very clearly what he wants and how to achieve it. Each mechanics here make sense.

systemic systems Requirements


OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1.10

processor: processor: processor: processor: processor: processor: 2.0 ghz


video card: 256MB Video Memory

Place on the disk: 1 gb

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