Fairytale royal battle on the topic of fantasy, release date - in the development

type: client games

genre: Action , Shooter

payment: free (free-to-play) (not accurate)

developer: proletariat

publisher: proletariat

platform: PC

release date:in development

play for free at spellbreak: official website

free download in Epic Games Store

Spellbreakis a fabulous royal battle on the topic of fantasy. At the first entrance to the Avatar system, presented to the players on the main screen of the lobby, is the first and most obvious evidence of the fantasy of the project. At the beginning of the game, you will be invited to choose one of the twelve characters, but this is only an appearance. As in most RPG, gender, age, growth or orientation of these pixels are not associated with any specific game style. Spellbreak provides a huge range of settings in the arena, but on this screen you will see a good, if not huge, choice of stylish avatars to choose from. It is also the first hint of the general aesthetics of the game.

Even a cursory glance at the game process Spellbreak gives the concept of why this game is so attractive. She looks completely great. Designed using Unreal, this new competitor among the Royal Battle of Royal uses a simple picturesque style.

As in most games of the Royal Battle of the Genre, Spellbreak follows a familiar formula and gives the players a good view of the environment when the heroes fall from the sky. The fall from the sky at the beginning of each match, as expected, gives the players the opportunity to make a break among the hills and ancient ruins, which are scattered on the only map of the game. Despite the fact that in the game there is only one map, size and variety of the landscape seem to be sufficient.

After you have successfully landed, you will begin to exhaust weapons, equipment and consumables. Having a limited inventory and only two hands to wear weapons, you will need to choose carefully. The weapon is replaced by a series of gloves to decorate the left and right hand of the character. This weapon is hidden around the world in a series of magic hiding places, while the most powerful of them is caused by a slow activation of a number of giant luminous portals. Wind, fire, lightning, earth, frost and poison: a variety of gloves is only some of the available objects that fall out in the world, and everyone has their own combination of primary skill and secondary abilities.

Magic weapons is Not the end of the Spellbreak settings. These elementary weapons are intertwined with the core of wider combat settings Spellbreak. While Spellbreak does not have any type of horizontal progression tree, for Spellbreak there is a classic class system. The variety of gloves seems to be united with a choice of 11 classes that players can choose during each match. Each class has its own levels of complexity and provides various advantages, allowing players to hone their style with a certain set of bonuses. In addition, everything is complemented by a cunning system of runes and improvements. Equipment, such as gloves, is hidden around the world and at different levels. This, again, enables players to unite in the direction of a certain style of the game and continues to remain in the subject. The runes have a slightly more obvious effect on the gameplay. When choosing a runic stone, you activate the skill right in the corner of the screen. When triggered, they can activate anything, from a rush of wind to raise the players into the air, or even the invisible cloak.

Movement in Spellbreak is sharp, like a razor. The characters run along open ruins and combat paths using the standard WASD system, with a close camera from a third -person in tow. Enough standard control systems, transition to running, a gap to a double jump and C to an inclination. Q, R, T and the main mouse buttons are also added to a limited set of keys of action when using combat skills.

In fact, how to use combat skills, reloading, combining classes or managing an inventory is largely given to the player for study. But the game develops and developers add more and more new elements and classes to the game

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