Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars BattlefrontThis is the next series of a network shooter from the famous Swedish company Dice. The game belongs to the AAA class and fully corresponds to it: the excellent graphics, impressive and exciting gameplay and naturally, the user will be able to visit the role of any hero of the Universe of Star Wars, or become a real knight Jedi.

Type: client games

genre: shooter

payment: a one -time purchase

developer: dice

publisher: electronic arts

platform: pc



Release date:November 12, 2015

Official website:Go

In general, the game system in Star Wars Battlefront is the same , like the previous series: the presence of all regimes, like the predecessor, battles on planets, confrontation of fractions, various combat equipment and equipment for every taste. However, what is worth saying about this project, the main feature of the game was the switching of the types of 1 and 3 faces.

than the Star Wars Battlefront is interesting - these are of course by battles, players can use the most diverse combat airs: spiders, fighters and others. The only disadvantage of the game was the moment that there are no spaceships and battles outside the trilogy in Star Wars Battlefront.

System requirements
Minimal system requirements
OS: Windows 10 X64 | Windows 7 x64 | Windows 8 X64
Processor: Intel Core i3
Video card: AMD Radeon HD 7850 | GeForce GTX 660
Memory: 8gb
Place on the disk: 40gb
directx: 11
availability of an Internet connection
Recommended system requirements
OS: Windows 10 X64
Processor: Intel Core i5
Video card: AMD Radeon R9 290 290 | GeForce GTX 970
Memory: 16gb
Place on the disk: 40gb
directx: 11
availability of an Internet connection

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