Cosmic MMO, release date - 2019

Type: Client games

genre: Action, Simulator

Release date:2019

Platform: PC

Payment: One -time purchase

developer: frozenbyte

publisher: frozenbyte

play Starbase: Official site

download Starbase in Steam

Starbase- this is a large -scale MMO where you have to build spaceships , conduct trade, conclude alliances and of course to fight. Starbase promises a gameplay involving thousands of other players who can join the faction. Two large fractions, the Empire and the Kingdom, are at war. The empire faction initially owns most of the space stations of the Galaxy, and the kingdom acts as rebels of this space rank. In addition to the construction of bases - where you start with one blow and move up - players can also participate in this war.

In addition, you can form your own fractions to rise and challenge the dominant. And if the war is not your style, do not worry. There are many other ways to play Starbase, from the extraction of asteroids and the exchange between other players to studying the galaxy. The insurance system built into the game guarantees that you can explore the infinite territory of the space MMO without fear of long -term consequences.

one of the important elements of successful games with a sandbox is a fully destroyed environment. In Starbase, everything can be dismantled or completely destroyed, depending on which weapons or tools you use for this. In addition to an accurately customized physical engine made to order, you will also have to build wisely. You will have to, not only afraid of possible damage from warring factions or scammers, but you will also have problems with strength. This provides a complex, detailed gameplay for fans of sandboxes and space MMO.

In addition to these functions, one of the recently declared aspects of Starbase has its own programming language. If you are a programmer, most likely Starbase will give you an advantage. The game presents its own programming language called Yolol. This language, inspired by existing object-oriented programming languages, such as C ++ and Java, controls many aspects of the Starbase gameplay. Having mastered this language, players will understand the basic concepts of programming that can offer an exciting aspect of training in the game. This language is used to manage most Starbase devices, including automatic doors and manipulators. Automation is also the main function in Yolol, since entire factories and ships operate in a universal language. Players write the code on the chips that they can program, and then place them in the nests for chips. These slots serve to transfer the above code to the device to which they are connected. With such wide assembly capabilities and their own programming language, possibilities are endless. If programming seems frightening, do not be afraid of anything. Starbase also has a bunch of different things that do not require programming at all.

System requirements


64-bit processor and operating system

video card: nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB

DirectX: versions 11


OS: ( 64-bit) Windows 10/7

processor: AMD Ryzen 7/Intel i7-6700k


video card: Radeon RX Vega 8 Gb/Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11 GB

DirectX: versions 11

Place on the disk: 15 GB

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