Steel Circus

Futuristic sport in the spirit of Rocket League, Release date - August 08, 2019

Type: Client games

Genre: Action, Moba

Date of exit: Release date: August 08, 2019

platform: PC

Payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: Iron Mountain Interactive

Publisher: Oasis Games Limited

play for free in Steel Circus: Official website

Download Steel Circus in Steam

Steel Circus is a futuristic sport in the spirit of Rocket League. The idea is this: you have six different champions, each of which has its own special abilities. Cosmic feed is presented as Moba. Instead of Hot Wheels toys, in which a 3D printer crashed into oversized football balls, Steel Circus sport corresponds to handball more if the ball was on fire.

This is a handball League of Legends, but there are football goals and glasses are called landings. Either Steel Circus was not created taking into account real sports, or he invented his new sport.

The learning curve is a little cool, and although there are training sites, you need to find out most of the points yourself. The matches last five minutes, but automatically end if one team scores 10 goals until the expiration of time.

The best feature of Steel Circus is the fight against hockey. The characters have simple solutions and special abilities. For example, Ellika, a defender in Cyber ​​Bron, can hold opponents in a circular trap for several seconds. And there is also a robot that can cause a short barrier, wide enough to block incoming shots.

each character has a health reserve. If your health reaches zero, you will leave the game for 10-20 seconds. Nevertheless, you can fight people, even if they do not have a ball.

System requirements


OS: Windows 7

processor: processor: processor: processor: processor: processor: processor: 2.4 GHZ Dual Core


video card: nvidia gtx 460

DirectX: versions 10

Place on the disk: Place on the disk: 10 GB

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