TERA Online

Gametera onlineI already like it from the first steps of meeting her, it is impressive and fascinating. From the start, the player receives a character of 20 lvl, and only then does familiarization with the world of Arborea, standing on powerful torso of massive giants - balls and arun begins. However, this is only a prologue, as soon as it ends, the character becomes a zero level and the player is waiting for the pumping and development road. However, the ability to see a somewhat developed character brings additional intrigue.

Type: Client games

genre: MMORPG

Payment: Free (free-to-play)

developer: Bluehole Studio

Publisher: Destiny Development, Gameforge

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Date of output:January 03, 2012

site: go

tera online is a game for travelers and adventure lovers. The game world is a fantastic arborea a little reminiscent of Azerot - two large continents and several islands.

The game world TERA Online consists of many unique locations, completely different and lurking a large number of puzzles. Tera Online is not a standard Korean grindle, but a world with its plot and history. Of course, the plot does not have the epicity as WOW, but the excellent production will clearly delight the players, especially performed in good graphic performance. What can be called is only on the poor editor of the character, but this is only if you compare it at least with Aion.

Of course, the style of the characters TERA Online is completely permeated by the Korean spirit. However, this gives the game a certain exoticism and uniqueness, especially since there is no fractional separation, because all living creatures have become the same force of extermination of one enemy.

What does the game take? Your combat component. The combat system in the Non-Target game, which is why the mechanic resembles the Slashher than the usual MMORPG. But one choice of direction of the blow here will not get off, so that it will be necessary to get a good aim. Even the doctor will have to try, because his skills apply to a certain zone of action, precisely why the real Hilery will throw the spell in advance. Here you can easily defeat a strong enemy, you just have to be behind him and have time to evade blows. By resorting to such technology you can kill solo even very large monsters. But in the dungeons about a single party you can forget, here it is impossible without like -minded people. Therefore, they suggest the participation of 5 people, with the tanking and healing characters, the obligatory components.

in general, pumping the character in TERA Online is quite common. Having reached the twentieth level, the player can already use the glyph system - symbols that increase the character's skills. Moreover, these symbols in the game are a large number, and this makes it possible to create unique and interesting chains of character development. The pumping passes quickly enough and here the player is faced with the main problem of TERA Online - "What to do next?". Fans of hardcore will be clearly upset, because having received the treasured level, in principle, there is nothing to do in the game. PVP is more reminiscent of a crowd of muzzle on the crowd, and in the final the player is not encouraged by various bonuses.

The game world TERA Online has a territorial division into three parts, each has its own ruler. The ruler’s elections are carried out by users for a period of 3 weeks. All these actions pass so dull, but perhaps in the future the localizers borrow the idea of ​​a foreign option, entering the battles for the opportunity to become a ruler.

in general, TERA online game for lovers of romance. I already like the game from the first minutes, it catches and causes a desire to play and develop. But do not chase the maximum level, try to stretch the pleasure in the game, delving into all the subtleties and details. Perhaps when you reach the last level, the developers will come up with something new.

System requirements

recommended system requirements
Operating system:
windows 7 x64
processor (CPU):
amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ or ​​Intel Core2 Duo E6750 and better
4GB and more
ati Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT and better

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