The Colonists

Strategy in the style of building settlements, release date - October 24, 2018

type: client games

genre: Strategy

Payment: One -time purchase

developer: Codebyfire

publisher: Mode 7

Platform: PC

Date of exit:October 24, 2018

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the coloringis A game in the style of building settlements, in the same spirit as The Settlers and Anno. In The Colonists, you will spend most of your time by collecting resources by exploring new technologies and optimizing the flow of traffic throughout your colony.

Your trip to The Colonists begins with a spaceship that descends from the sky and lands at first glance at first glance An empty planet. Brave colonists appear from the spaceship, who abandoned everything in search of a better life. However, these colonists are not people. Your colony is populated by cool robots.

But do not flatter yourself, looking at their delightful appearance. These bots are quite qualified and capable of processing everything that will require a colony for prosperity. Whenever you build a new building, such as a blacksmith or a fishing dock, your rocket will create a specialized bot for the necessary work. The shoalca hut will receive a bot-brush, a fishing dock to get a bot-bacon, etc. These robots will perform their work almost without fuss and maintenance. All that you need to do is arrange so that the bots are provided with a constant influx of the necessary resources.

Work on the distribution of resources throughout the colony is carried out by traffic controllers. One of these bots will be assigned to a section of the road as it is built. Each part of the road is indicated by a pair of supports. A bot-trailer will constantly work between each support, collect or unload resources as they arrive. However, each support has enough space for four items. If the bot that carries resources falls into the support, which is already loaded, it will not be able to unload. The robot will be upset and angry exclamation signs will appear above it, showing how a poorly thought -out road system prevents him from fulfilling his only goal in life.

Technology is one of the main methods of promoting your colony. To advance through the technology, you need to conduct research in the workshop. It is necessary that you bring specific resources to the workshop of your colony for each technology under study. The necessary resources differ depending on what you are exploring, but you will always need to supply energy to the workshop in order to explore something at all.

As the technology moves, you will unlock various levels of some buildings that are You can build. Updated versions of buildings usually provide labor productivity, but require a new level of energy. Houses are buildings that (somehow) produce this energy, combining common objects such as fish and bread.

You can update your homes to get higher energy levels, but for this you Different resources will be required. For example, for energy 2, CIDR is required in addition to previous requirements.

Despite the fact that The Colonists take several ideas from other games of this genre, the game also offers some unique elements. For example, The Colonists have an interesting battle. Sometimes you may not be the only group of delightful robots that settled on the new planet. To protect your colony and expand your territory, you must build guard towers on your borders. This is important for survival, since you can use only the resources that are on your territory.

As soon as your guard towers are close enough to enemy territory, they will begin to attack. Each guard tower will send an arrow stream and slowly affect the health of the guard tower of your enemy. Your patrols can be repaired, but they will require resources and time to continue a long attack. If you manage to lower the health scale of the enemy’s patrol tower to zero, you will receive control over the watchtower and the territory around it. Naturally, the enemy can also be made with your guard tower.

System requirements


OS: 64 bit windows

processor : Support for multicore


video card: 1gb dx9

DirectX: versions 9.0c

Place on the disk: 1 GB


OS: 64 Bit Windows

processor: support for multicore


video card: 1gb dx9

directx: versions 9.0c

Place on the disk: 1 gb

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