The Crew

Car races, release date - December 2, 2014

Type: Client Games

Genre: Racing

Payment: One -time purchase


Developer: ubisoft

publisher: ubisoft

platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Date of Exit: December 02, 2014

Play the Crew: The official site

the crew is not just car races, this is an excellent large -scale project in which lovers of drive, speed and rivalry will be able to break away to the fullest. Players are invited to travel to large cities in the United States, while anywhere can be reached, the game world is not divided into zones, so you will not see loading screens here.

in general, the most important chip of the project was the open world. If you decide to get to some point, you can spend an hour another, only on a trip, but you will like it, because the road and the surroundings are very realistic, say, there is something to see.

if you consider The scale of cities, naturally, you can recall other popular online races, but The Crew has one tangible difference, the whole game world is several cities on one huge map.

according to the plot, a certain Alex Taylor, fell into places of imprisonment For murder. The FBI agent helps him to leave the prison, for freedom, she offers him cooperation. Well, then, like in a movie, a criminal cartel that needs to be destroyed from the inside, illegal races, etc.

there is both a single -user career and missions that you can pass with friends. But of course, the most important pleasure is competition with other players, the taste of victory and leadership. All this is in The Crew.

regarding the iron horse, here the developers thought out everything to the smallest detail. You can change both the appearance and the technical characteristics of your car. In addition, you can even make customization of your car from a tablet, well, or a phone.

We cannot say that the gameplay in the game is divided into solo and races with other players. MMO is a priority in The Crew, so Solo Game can smoothly go into passing with friends. Even if you have completed the mission, this does not mean that the game is completed for you. This enables the game to be constantly relevant. True, the integrity of the game world is not felt a little, and the graphics could be better. But in general, The Crew is good.

System requirements


OS: Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64

processor: AMD Phenom II X4, Intel Core 2 Quad


video card: AMD Radeon HD 5870, GeForce GTX 460

DirectX: 11

Discishes: 30gb


OS: Windows 8 x64

processor: AMD Phenom II X4, Intel Core 2 Quad


Video card: AMD Radeon HD 6950, GeForce GTX 580

DirectX: 11

Place on the disk: 30gb

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