The Crew 2

Continuation of The Crew racing car simulator, Release date - June 29, 2018

type: Client games

genre: Races

payment: a one -time purchase

developer: iVory tower, ubisoft reflections

Publisher: ubisoft

platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Date of exit: June 29 2018

play The Crew 2: The official website

the Crew 2 will be a continuation of the excellent racing car simulator The Crew, but this time the company-developer He offers players to conquer the open spaces of the United States in the open world, moving on various cars, motorcycles, boats and aircraft.

power, drive, speed, intensity - these are the words that you can briefly describe the crew 2. But let's be more details.

as in the previous part of the project, this game is one, so you can eat plenty of cities, And no load screens that would separate the parts of the game from each other. It is enough to click on one button and you can quickly switch between your favorite cars and boats.

In fact, in The Crew 2 there is where to accelerate, you can participate in car racing, motorbikes, races on a motor boat, or perform unprecedented somersaults In the sky, being behind the helm of a sports aircraft.

The game will also have 4 motors-sports associations:

- Freestyle- Perform the most amazing stunts of motorsport;

- Street Racing- Street races, try to beat street racers;

- Pro Racing- professional races, who are not afraid of turns and speed;

- OFF-ROD- for off-road lovers.

One of the disciplines of the project will be Powerboat Pro Racing, where players will be able to try themselves as a conqueror of the oceans and waterways of the United States. Naturally, this is not easy and to become a real pros, you will have to get a decent equipment. Naturally, without a motor boat with a good motor, this also cannot be achieved. In this discipline, in order to get the championship you will have to remember and control the speed and power of the engine. After all, a light incorrect jerk or turn and control can be lost. The farther you pass The Crew 2, you will see that on racing tracks are simply dotted with various surprises. In order to cope with them, you will have to practice determining the speed and angle of rotation, so as not to fly into the first obstacle.

In addition, do not forget about the dynamic weather system The crew 2. Here it certainly will not let you relax, since rain and storm affect your control and naturally speed, on water, land and in sky.

But this is not all, in The Crew 2 there is a Live tracking function, thanks to which you can watch your progress, re -survive all moments and even record a video with the game.

As a result, The Crew 2 is perfect for those who love arcade racing car systems, especially when you consider that a variety of types of equipment appeared in this part.

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