Total War Saga: Troy

Strategy, the latest game in the Total War Saga series, release date - in the development of

type: client games

genre: Strategy

date of exit: 2020 year (in development)

platform: PC

Payment: One -time purchase

Developer: Creative Assembly

publisher: Sega

play Total War Saga: Troy: Official site

download Total War Saga: Troy on Steam

A series of games Total War Saga: Troy focuses on one moment of flash in history, and not in decades, as the main series of strategic games does. Total War Saga: Troy about the Great Trojan War, a legendary siege, immortalized in the really long poem by Homer.

The game begins at the end of the Bronze Age, when Paris runs away to Troy with Elena, who was already married to Menelaus, king Sparta. The phrase "The face that sent a thousand ships" belongs to Elena, because immediately after she went to Troy, the huge coalition of the Greeks sailed after her to return her to Sparta. It took about 10 or 15 years.

Total War Saga: Troy has all the usual elements of the Total War game, with battles, territorial conquests, battles in the sandbox in real time, and so on, but with a more... Trojan taste. Heroes who can perform exceptional combat acts include favorites, such as Hector and Achilles. There are only four of them, four for each army.

two abilities are assigned to each. Achilles has "hot blood". He controls his emotions, therefore, if he is furious, he inflicts more damage. So, not too far from crazy grief.

The game also has a minotaur, not quite a hero, but close to this. In the myth, the Minotaur is a monster with the head of a bull that eats human flesh and is contained in the maze. In the game, he is a mighty warrior who wears the skull of a bull and a skin, like a helmet and a raincoat that fiercely attacks the enemy.

there is Mount Olympus, and you can earn a blessing of the gods, as well as their disapproval. So, if your troops think that they are on their side, they will fight better. In total, there are seven gods who follow Ares, Hero, Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, Poseidon and Zeus.

most of the actions you take during a regular game will receive or lose benefits. But you can also ask priests to perform rituals positively in your settlements or negative in others to change the flow of love.

from a historical point of view, for the first time in the Total War game, an economy with several resources is used, which includes food. , wood, bronze, stone and gold - five resources instead of one, which reflects the economy of the period.

The team also had to think about how to compensate for the various types of troops of that time. For example, there was a clear absence of cavalry, since the horses were reserved for chariots. In order for the battles to remain interesting, they sought to make more differences between infantry troops, such as heavy spears, which are defensive, but much slower than some faster assault detachments. Some units can hide in tall grass, while others will slow down in the mud.

The goal of the game is "a very diverse combat gameplay", where you need to think tactically which units can withstand chariots, or quick enough To leave the road or perhaps they can attack at a distance.

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