Underworld ascentant

RPG Sandbox, Release Date - November 15, 2018

Type: Client games

Genre: Action, RPG , Sandbox

payment: a one -time purchase

developer: Otherside Entertainment

publisher/Strong>: 505 Games

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Mac, NSW, Xone

Date of exit:15 November 2018

play Underworld ascentant: Official website

download Underworld ascentant in Steam

Underworld ascentant- this is RPG Sandbox, where players can fall into the dangerous and changeable world of the dungeon, which is threatened by a terrible monster. In order for the underground world, you will have to guess various riddles and secrets, receive knowledge and use your imagination at full power. The underground world is an amazing labyrinth of weaves of rooms, corridors, nooks, huge halls and ruins. And all this is located on seven tiers underground.

Underworld ascentant begins with a small character adjustment process, allowing you to choose the tone, style, voice and color of the skin (which also determines the floor). From there, you immediately fall into the depths, since your mystical guide and narrator tells you that Typhon, "Father of Monsters" and "Retribution of Zeus", is close to escaping from imprisonment and threatens the destruction of your world. To stop the threat, you must combine the fractions and find out the secrets that they once used to keep Typhone locked up. But first, you must learn to survive in this cruel environment.

The first main task, you should run away. Your guide tells you that you should go through the locked door. Everything seems to be simple. Theoretically, you just need to find the key or choose a lock to get out. But no. The door is made of wood. You can just burn it. In the Underworld ascentant, creative solutions to such problems abound, and they usually rotate around the physical properties of objects or subtle interaction between light and darkness, as well as water and fire. For example, if you want to avoid the icy gaze of the observer of the skeleton, you can use a bottle of water by throwing it on one of the torches to extinguish the flame and immerse the corridor into the dark. And, by the way, objects in Underworld ascentant have weight.

The entire RPG system in Underworld ascentant was created to encourage creativity, interactivity and immersion of players. For example, when you start the game, you do not get skills, but you will move around the world and develop the system. As an encouragement, you will receive skills for performing "exploits". The exploits in Underworld ascentant are milestones and achievements that players earn, overcoming new obstacles and finding out the mechanics of the game, for example, such as the murder of the skeleton without touch. than 75 skills. Spells in the game mainly relate to hacking objects. The collection of spells allows magicians to collect many objects from the environment and build a bridge, which can also be used as a weapon if you set fire to it or throw it at the enemy. Bonuses are accrued in secrecy for how you know how to sneak up and you are added a skill, which, in fact, is a near teleport. The battle is focused on movement, and not just on bonuses for attacks. Indeed, most of the battle is devoted to mobility, parkour and the maximum use of your skills, such as wall and double jumping, which become available to you at higher levels. You can connect and make a combo. The number of different spells exceeds 100.

at the beginning of the Underworld ascentant, you will fight to survive, because everything that your hero will have is worn out clothes. Food plays a certain role in the game, since hunger destroys health, and cooking or using food becomes necessary to eliminate the negative effects of the condition or add positive bonuses. For some time you will mainly find broken objects and old weapons. But as your hero develops, you can find more rare objects, armor and more powerful tools.

there is another interesting thing in the Underworld ascentant, you can plant seeds of a consecrated silver seedling in the ground to To establish special places of resurrection, if the character dies.

The gaming environment itself is also very attractive. Underworld ascentant includes flooded caves and foggy dungeons and designed details, such as graffiti written in the language of lizards.

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System requirements


OS: 64-bit windows 7, 64-bit windows 8 (8.1) or 64-bit windows 10

processor: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHZ / AMD FX-8320 3.5 GHZ


video card: nvidia gpu GeForce GTX 960 (3GB)/AMD R9 280 (3GB)

DirectX: versions 11

Place on the disk: 45 GB


OS: 64-bit windows 7, 64-bit windows 8 (8.1) or 64- Bit Windows 10

processor: Intel CPU Core i7-6700/AMD Ryzen 5 1500x

RAM: 12 GB

video card: NVIDIA GPU GeForce GTX 1060 ( 6GB)/Radeon RX 480 (8GB)

DirectX: versions 12

Place on the disk: 45 GB

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