War Rage

War Rage - this is a mix of Action from a third person and a real time strategy, where a huge number of people have at the disposal of the player, while he himself can enter into battle and show a sort of remote military leader. The developers of this battle is a small company Booming Games, and the publisher Netease, therefore, it is not surprising that actions are developing in ancient China.

Type: Client games

Genre: MMO Action, Strategy

Payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: Booming Games

Publisher: Netease

platform: PC, PlayStation 4

date of exit: in the development of

Official site: go

in general, if you think, the chip of the slasher connection and strategy is absolutely not new, for example, for example, for example, The Korean studio is already a decent period of time picking the action of Kingdom Under Fire II. However, this does not exclude the fact that War Rage can easily go around competitors in this direction and even overtake those who are still tested.

game events are mainly tied to the battles of huge armies and castle sides. In War Rage, the player will appear as close as possible to reality the Middle Ages, without fictional fantastic characters, such as dragons, trolls, etc. The sizes of the battles are almost the same, both sides of the battle occur with hundreds of units, and the commander in chief (player) commands them, easily moving on a mini-card, while managing to smash the enemy in the course of action. Of course, just poking on the map you will achieve little, as in any strategy, the player will have to make efforts and think over various tactical tricks to defeat the enemy army.

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