Futuristic shooter with a third -person view, the release date is March 20, 2013

type: client games

genre: Shooter, action

payment: free (free-to-play)

developer: digital extremes

publisher: digital extremes

platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Date of release: March 20, 2013

play for free in Warframe: The official website

in a futuristic shooter with a third -person view of Warframe, there is something look. Here, aliens from distant space, easily own an energy blade, and also use the latest technologies. And all this is directed against the hordes of various creatures, including mutants, robots and even zombies.

The beginning of the game is a cryogenic dream from which the hero awakens, and he is directed immediately to the fight against various abominations. Not with bare hands of course. Three fractions are tied in history, which have been fighting for a very long time for various reasons.

From the very beginning of the game, you will be offered to choose one of three warframes. Warframe will become your defender, and also add certain unique abilities to your hero. In general, the initial missions will depend on which Warframe you choose.

Naturally, the first missions will tell you what and how. The hero owns near weapons, additional and basic, and the choice of weapons has more than 100 types.

During missions, do not lose sight of the cabinets and various containers that appear randomly, it is in them that you can find the necessary reserves, as well as useful materials.

In Warframe, the character perfectly owns the technique of parkour, here you can easily slide, make a double jump, jerk on the wall and even flight.

Naturally, the battles do not pass easily and simply, you need to learn how to think and maneuver tactically, sometimes this is exactly what saves the entire operation.

Even if you want to go through the mission that has already passed, it will be completely different. The fact is that the cards in the game are created by randomly, thinking up and changing everything to the smallest detail.

If you love such a genre of game, and you like to rush about rooms with friends, exterminating the clouds of monsters, then Warframe It is such a project.

systemic systems Requirements

Minimum requirements

Operating system: Windows XP SP 3 or new

processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400/AMD Athlon X64 4000++

video card: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT/Ati Radeon HD 3600


Disco Place: 10 GB

Internet connection: broadband Internet connection

directX: versions 9.0c

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