Warlords Awakening

Isoometric action MMORPG with anime elements, exit date - August 2, 2018

type: client games

genre: MMORPG

payment: a one -time purchase

developer: playwith interactive

publisher/Strong>: Playwith Interactive

Platform: PC

Date of Output:August 02, 2018

play Warlords Awakening: Official Website

download Warlords Awakening in Steam

Warlords AWAKENING - this is an isometric action MMORPG with elements Anime, which reveals to the players of the world of Faniei, filled with a variety of different monsters.

We can say that this project has already seen light, however, with a different name. In 2015, the project was published under the name Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA), but not gaining much popularity by decision of the developers was closed. But the company did not abandon the game, but decided to completely process the project and breathe a new life into it.

At the moment, in the project of 4 races and 5 classes:

- the race of naru is the class of assassin;

- races kartu, liru, sapiens- class: bloody Knight, hunter, magician, medium;

- race Liru- class: bloody knight, hunter, magician, medium.

five unique classes that can fight in three different combat positions. Choose your fighting position depending on the situation for the destruction of enemies:

- Assassin- kills quickly and imperceptibly, it can cause a bleeding blow;

- the bloody knight- the swordsman, protects his team from attacks ;

- a hunter- some kind of explosive mixture reminiscent of an archer-monitor, uses onions, a rifle and can put a mine;

- a magician- uses the magic of fire, ice and lightning;

- Medium- support class, heals and helps the allies, but it can also hypnotize the enemy.

In general, despite the fact that there are only five classes, there is something to choose from. Moreover, each class has three woods of skills, which will allow players to create a unique character and their unique combat style.

in Warlords Awakening, in addition to the hordes of all evil creatures, there are dungeons and raids, where there are also malicious monsters, however, however, however Suffering and more powerful. Naturally, their murder will bring to players not only laurels, but also good trophies.

The project has an arena where players can be measured by forces or simply test what they have achieved.

a huge selection of equipment and weapons, gives an incentive to develop and strive for the better, while visiting the dungeons, you can assemble a legendary kit. , or you can get as a reward for the victory of the boss in the dungeon. There are a lot of petov in the game, and each of them gets his skills during pumping. Players can combine and breed pets to get a unique pet with special skills.

The developers did not forget about PVP. You can fight here in different ways, both solo and in a pack. There are several PVP modes.

Naturally, you can craft, craft in the game, improve the equipment.

In general, the developers of Warlords Awakening have not forgotten about all MMORPG elements.

System requirements

The minimum


OS: Windows XP

processor: dual core 2.0ghz

RAM: 2 gb

video card: GeForce 9500GT

DirectX : Versions 9.0c

Place on the disk: 12 gb


OS: Windows 10

processor: Intel Core i3


Video card: GeForce GTS 450

DirectX: versions 9.0c

Disco Place: 12 GB

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