Simulator about expanding the circuit of friendship, the release date - in the development

type: client games

genre: Simulator

Date of exit: December 2019

platform: PC, PlayStation 4

Payment: One -time purchase

Developer: Funomena

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive

Play Wattam: Official Website

Download Wattam in Steam

At the beginning of the game Wattam as it is now. But the world is suddenly covered with darkness and chaos, leaving only a universal void. Only a lonely character, known as the mayor, and the stone on which he sits. But soon the mayor discovers a small pebble, and they quickly become friends.

Wattam is a game of expanding the friendship chain. The mayor and another hero of the game play on a lonely hill, holding hands and running around, using the mayor's bizarre hat. The hat has some special tricks, such as the ability to explode. And given that this is the world of Keith Takahashi, the explosions lead only to the fact that everyone around falls on the floor and laugh. Their game leads to a revival of other objects, such as the stone on which the mayor was sitting. Their laughter returns the sun from the void, which leads to a greater number of interaction possibilities.

and indeed, the interaction is the central idea of ​​the game. The more characters interact with each other, the more friends appear and the more the world begins to open. Players can choose any of the characters to force them to play with each other, using the right analog joystick to try to check many opportunities. The characters and interactions are as bizarre as it should be expected from the Creator. For example, a giant mouth appears with the idea to feed it with fruits from a nearby falling tree.

After a while, the gaming zones begin to expand, and the main task is to transport friends from place to place. But the solution to the riddle on how to maximize the game time is not the only goal in Wattam. The mayor explores the mysterious space, and another mysterious interaction has opened. The idea of ​​studying darker spaces is added by the intriguing element in Wattam.

with Wattam there is something to smile at, thanks to his feeling of playfulness and joy. The idea of ​​a joint game is also interesting, especially for couples who want to choose a game for the weekend.

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