World of Warcraft

Most likely, time does not mean anything for MMORPGWorld of WARCRAFT, since even after so much time, it remains one of the most popular projects. In addition, during the existence of the project, there were a lot of such games, but no one was able to surpass World of Warcraft.

Type: Client games


genre: MMORPG

payment: subscriber fee (subscription)

developer: blizzard

Publisher: Blizzard

platform: PC

Date of exit: November 23, 2004

Official site:Go

The game has not only a huge world, but also just an incredible number of various objects, classes and races.

Why is the MMORPG World of Warcraft for so long on excellent positions and is very popular? Everything is quite simple. In this game, it is impossible to get bored, in addition, the developer team is constantly working on the development and improvement of the game, which is really felt. The variety of activities for the player is simply amazing, here and seas, griffins, a huge number of dungeons, and even a separate zone of free PVP (where, among other things, the most cool trophies). In addition, the project is equipped with an excellent dynamic combat system and a good balance.

The development of the hero here occurs, as in standard MMOs. The system of skills and skills, in principle, is quite common, includes the main skills and secondary ones. You can arm yourself and put on a character in a variety of ways: do it yourself, get for completing the tasks or buy.

The game has two fractions of the Alliance and the Horde, choosing the character’s race, the player automatically selects the faction for which he will play. Each race has its own racial features.

in the World of Warcraft 14 races, agree to eat what to choose from, in addition, each race has available classes, and there are 12.

Of course, as in other MMORPG, there is a collective game. Players can create guilds and unite at their discretion.

Despite the fact that the games appeared in 2004, the developers are constantly working on its improvement. The game world World of Warcraft is regularly growing, new dungeons appear, new interesting chips appear that attract users again and again.

System requirements

minimum system requirements
Recommended system requirements
Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP SP3
Windows 10 X64
amd Phenom II X3, Intel Core 2 Duo
amd fx-6xxx, Intel Core i5
The video card
amd Radeon HD 5670, GeForce GT 440, Intel HD Graphics 5000 Series
amd Radeon R7 260, GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Place on the disk
the presence of a connection
the presence of a connection

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