3 head of the first shooter campaign Planetside 2 came out

After the work on new deterrence places was postponed for several weeks, Rogue Planet Games finally released the final chapter of the first Planeside jet in the history of the shooter of the shooter 2. Players will get access to three new places of deterrent and continue to search for the missing The asylum representatives.

"The Aurakxis empires celebrate the opening of three new deterrence places on the Eser, neutralizing a storm raging through the continent for several months. The Nanita system continues to search for Foster, their former representative, who disappeared after trying to use efforts to restore Emir to hide the mistakes of the past. Meanwhile, the archivist Dolan, who previously became a victim of Foster's ambitions, uses its influence from afar to earn the location of sellers in the black market and Naniths system operators. "

In the latest renewal of the game, several craft improvements in the game are also presented Places of deterrence, including impromptu "transitions" outside the facility, improved graphics and improved overall performance. Check out the full notes to the patch at the official Planetside 2 forum.

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