3 years later, Lost Ark will be released in the West this year

Amazon Games announced today that they will launch the popular South Korean MMORPG Lost ARK in North America and Europe in the fall of 2021. Closed technical alpha tests of the game will begin on June 11 and last until June 16 via Steam.

Lost Ark is a free mass multiplayer role-playing online game of the AAA class, which is currently available only in Korea, Japan and Russia, where it can boast of millions of active players. Smilegate RPG is one of the most successful developers in the world. Whose mother company has developed a first -person shooter Crossfire, one of the most popular and long -playing games in the world, which boasts more than 8 million simultaneous players around the world almost fifteen years after its launch.

in Lost Ark Players explore the vast and diverse world of Arkezia in search of the legendary Lost Ark and the saving of the kingdom from a demonic threat. The game presents 15 different classes of heroes that offer battles with unique combinations of adapted sets of skills using a tripod skills system. Players create their own legend, whether it is alone or with allies, fighting through dangerous dungeons, sailing on the ship and even creating their own island house.

Although Most of the hype around Lost Ark subsided a bit, finally the game reached the west. It is worth mentioning that Lost ARK was the most anticipated MMORPG in the West back in 2018, and it seems that after 3 years it finally reached there.

This is also the first game that Amazon Games publishes, not Develops independently. This seems to be a rather successful turn for Amazon, since they did not have much success in creating their own games: games such as Breakaway and Crucible quickly closed after the first launch. The studio also had numerous dismissals, and their other project, New World, has already been postponed several times (although it seems that it will still be launched on August 31, 2021).

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