7th anniversary in Moba Smite, anniversary awards

Moba Smite celebrates its 7th anniversary with a four -month event called "Claws of tyranny", which offers many new tasks, premium skins and transforming skin. Players can also get additional anniversary awards through a new 15-day entry event, including the avatars, classic skin and much more created by the community. A new combat pass called "Heroes of Far Lands", which gives players the opportunity to unlock additional skins, including Fenrir "Huski-hero", Amateras "Chibi-Inu" and Zhong Kuya "Necoma".

Detailed information About the event, including a complete list of changes, balance settings and improvements that were made in the anniversary update, can be found in the notes for updating on the official SMITE website. You can also watch the video below with the review of the event "Claws of tyranny" and the new combat pass "Heroes of Far Lands".

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