A awakening flame goes to The Elder Scrolls Online

The annual storyline of the "Gate of Oblivion" in the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online will continue next month, since Zenimax Online Studios announces the official release release release release date, which will present in the game two new Pve Sunctures for four players: "Terrible. The basement "and" The stronghold of the scarlet petal. "

The terrible basement

, together with the novice combat magician Lucilla Kapreinia and its mentor March Tullius, you have to explore this once formidable prison and find out, Where did the monsters and the Daepapons come from here.

the stronghold of the scarlet petal

at the entrance to the stronghold of the scarlet petal, you will find a servant of Azura, who will ask you to help him return the artifacts stolen from the temple. Together you have to reveal the terrible secret of the fall of the once great order and find out why the knights began to abduct the relics of Tamriel.

"Awakening Flame" will be launched along with the update for the basic game, which promises an exhaustive list of errors corrections and improvements of performance, including the function of quick response to intra -game mail, new houses, guests, furniture and much more.

"Awakening Flame" and update will appear on PC / Mac and Google Stadia on August 23, and on consoles - August 31. PC / Mac players can now get the first chips and, I hope, give constructive reviews of both the addition and updating the main game, which are now on the public server.

more detailed information can be found on the official website Elder Scrolls Online.

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