A bard will appear in Neverwinter and the pumping system will change

More recently, a new bard class was presented on the test server MMORPG Neverwinter. Obviously, the new class will be released earlier, and its musical debut will take place next week. The bard functions either as a close -up fighter, or as a support class, depending on whether the players choose the path of a song blade or Menstrel.

"For players who have chosen a bard class, they will become stylish fighters, who use the power of the song to strengthen their allies and defeat their enemies. Paving their way through enemies with the help of various bright attacks, bards can smoothly play songs, burning their enemies with a bright performance. In addition, when they play an auxiliary role, bards can dance on the battlefield, filling the ears of their allies with rejuvenating hymns and defensive menuets, preparing for the final curtain. "

But this is not all that is not all that is not all that is not all that is not all that is not all that is not all that is not all that is still Expected from the game next week. In addition to the new class and the final plot arch of the Sharantar, the update next week will also completely overdue progress with a decrease in the level from 80 to 20.

"At the initial stage in Neverwinter, great attention was paid to the level, but then, according to Reaching the final, the main attention was paid to the levels of objects, "said the developer Cryptic Studios. "Since we sought to improve the process of pumping, we felt that now a good time to communicate better, and also help players understand what to concentrate on to improve their character."

"This led us to the fact that we returned the number of levels to 20 and made them milestones that note progress on your journey, and all this is better connected with the main gaming process. These milestones are now a linear trip with new lessons, changes in equipment and improved experience for new players studying Neverwinter, "the developers explained.

Some of the old adventure zones will also be closed to an indefinite The deadline, while the developers are working on their balancing for updated development. The team promises to reveal more information on the next blog.

Sharandar Episode 3 will be released on June 8 on PC and July 6 at the PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

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