A: IR: Classes Review: military leader, assassin and shooter
Not so long ago, the developers of MMORPG A: IR (Ascent: Infinite Realm) told us about several classes: a mystic and a sorceress. This time, information appeared on the site about such classes as: military leader, assassin and gunsmith.
military leader (Warlord)
The military leader is a model of virtue that embodies courage, honesty and loyalty. He shows dignity and considers it honor to protect his allies. On the battlefield, he stands at the front line, leading troops with an absolutely calm command. Equipped with massive armor, which provide protection from head to toe, the military leader prefers to use large weapons and shields for attack and protection. The weight of its armor and shield not only protects it from blows, but also helps to ensure its stability, allowing it to block powerful attacks, without losing balance. The high defense of the military leader and the ability to knock down, slow down and attack enemies is an effective provocation that makes them attack him, and not their allies. He also has the opportunity to move forward, despite the weight of his equipment, and inflict unexpected damage. The reach of the attack of the weapon may not be very large, but the range of their provocative screams and strokes of the Earth is much larger.
The main weapon: Hammer
Hammer, which is owned by a military leader almost two -thirds higher him, with a massive head, which is two to three times larger than his own. Some military leaders, however, do not possess hammers, preferring a mace or ax instead of them, depending on style and preferences.
The weapons are usually made of iron, although this is not necessary, since some of them are made of bones or other strong Materials.
Additional weapons: Shield
Military leaders can use three different types of shields: Bucklers, a small round shield, Kite, which have body dimensions, that have body dimensions, Triangular shields and yuashni shields, which are extremely large and can protect the whole body of the military leader. Bucklers and KITE-shows are usually used by less experienced military leaders who are still learned to effectively use their weapons and skills, while experienced military leaders prefer the defensive power of shields-Bashen. ; They can also be used as an attack to stun, repel, put a footboard or even turn opponents. Shields of military leaders are often decorated with patterns created using various materials such as wood, iron, jewelry and bones.
Tactical combat combination - charge/armadillo
This is the military skill of the military leader. The military leader waves a giant hammer, attacking the nearest target. Although more slowly than other attacks, this skill does not have enough maneuverability, it is more than compensated by reliable, heavy blows. Get at level 6. This protective skill allows the military leader to endure destructive attacks using his shield. Although this skill does not give many offensive opportunities, it can be used to survive against fatal attacks.
Assassins study hidden shadows skills, learn to hide in the dark and use the shadows of their opponents. The words "honest game" are a luxury for this ruthless fighter who creeps up to his victims from behind and kills them without mercy or hesitation. With a flexible movement and intuition acquired with experience in the dark, the assassin has two light sharp daggers with a razor blade, often representing nothing more than a dancing shadow. The rare survivors described the assassin as having a dark, evil aura that blooms and flows around its daggers every time it moves. Then he disappears without a trace, and it is no longer visible.
The main and additional weapons: the dagger
Assassins use daggers of both their main and additional weapons. The dashlane blade is about 30 cm in length, so its attack range is much shorter than that of other weapons.
Although it is customary to use a dagger with double -edged edges, two -handed daggers are used from time to time. There are also complex daggers or with several blades that bring mortal damage with slight efforts.
During the battle, the assassin owns a dagger in each hand to quickly cut or beat enemies.
Tactical combat combination - attempt/shadow
This is the main combat skill of assassin, and it specializes in instant attacks. Using two daggers, the assassin appears as its goal, and then attacks a short distance.
This can be obtained at 6 level. In the middle of the range, the killer can strike the enemy using Kunai, leaving himself in danger.
with an aggressive, free personality, arrows can easily stumble upon troubles, but his unmistakable accurate shooting and smooth movement compensate for any shortcomings in the personality. The shooter loves to provoke his enemies and boast of quick blows in dangerous situations, while using double pistols to achieve a large effect.
Double pistols allow the arrow to reveal the weaknesses of his enemy and use them with a quick shot. Although the use of double pistols gives flexibility and speed of shooting, sometimes they need to be postponed so that he can take his rifle. This weapon has a long radius of action, which allows him to destroy his enemies with deadly and explosive shots. The arrows also surpass themselves in danger with maneuverability and many traps and bombs.
The main weapon: Pistols
Pistol's trunk extends further than the barrel of a standard pistol, from A wider barrel and has a booster that provides greater accuracy. Pistol designs are as diverse and unique as their owners. All its bullets are created magically, providing an almost endless variant of the effect and type of a bullet created.
Additional weapons: Rifle
The shooting has slow speed, but it has it in It is much longer than the trunk, which allows you to achieve a greater distance with better accuracy. Like pistols, bullets for a rifle are created using magic. The rifle has a wide barrel for placing a large number of bullets that can be released from it.
rifles are traditionally made of wood and metal, and has a certain shape for a comfortable location on the shoulder , for support. Accommodation and decoration can vary depending on the owner.
Tactical combat combination - fast fire/sniper
Fast fire:
this The main combat skill of the shooter and specializes in quick attacks.
In the middle of the range, one bullet released during fast fire may not be so destructive, but with the speed of two pistols the bullet falls quickly.
it can be obtained at 6 level, and this is very useful for single attacks. The rifle gives critical blows on the target.

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