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Information is still slowly coming from Bluehole Studios, but the company continues to work on its upcoming science fiction MMORPG ascent: Infinite Realm, and the last tidbit is a teaser that introduces players with a huge Inventus airship. This is more a post than anything else, so there are no details that could be found about gameplay, but it really suggests that players will most likely use a huge flying city as a database of missions during the study of the world Air.

This is what the developers write:

"This month we give you a little information about Inventus, a giant airship with which you will be quite familiar when you travel along Ascent: Infinite Realm. Inventus is a giant airship that serves the city in the sky. During the invasion of black messengers, people from Nusgard realized that they would need to leave their favorite house before they go to mechanical monsters. Using the technologies studied by their ancestors in the past, the nouses have created Inventus. Despite the fact that Inventus is primarily an evacuation ship, it is more than it seems at first glance. The main quest will open the blue sky and open extensive spaces when you open new lands. Inventus was created to ensure a feeling of reverence and progress. "

But if you are longing something more, do not worry about YouTube a new video with combat shots only a few minutes taken according to the version Thailand Games, which is currently under testing.

In addition, five classes are actively tested, you will find the video below:







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