A: IR: Impressions and pumping of the character
The G-STAR 2017 exhibition and new items presented on it are now being actively discussed. So, the representative of MMORPG.com was able not only to find out a little about Ascent: Infinite Realm (a: IR) from the developer, but also to play this game personally.
Here is short, oh The fact that he wrote:
"A trip to the G-STAR 2017 exhibition was certainly an interesting experience. The game is developing very quickly and has not yet been localized. So everything was in the game on Korean. However, this did not prevent me from understanding some things. I knew what to do thanks to the clues on the screen that did not leave questions. When I walked my assassin to the quest marker, giant rings appeared at the edge of the cliff, urging me to use my wings and slide on the ground. Progression in Ascent: Infinite Realm is based on bringing you to the final game, so everything that leads to 24 is intended to teach you the skills that you need to know in order to succeed in the battle of the kingdom.
Visually, a: IR is amazingly beautiful. The world itself is amazingly magnificent, but destroyed because of the background of the game. The giant meteor crashed into the planet, as a result of which the world turned into floating islands. Using giant airships for movement, each faction is trying to provide a large number of land and territory for its fraction. The focus of the early game is to teach you how to play in this conflict of the faction.
speaking with Bluehole, they told me that pumping from a base level up to 24 levels should be considered a wide course of training. All you need to know about the world and succeed in improving the hero: endless game ascent: infinite realm. And although I could not understand the text on the screen, I quickly realized that we are performing the same basic quests and search queries that you meet in a typical MMO. IR should be fast, as the project manager ascent: Infinite Realm Hugung-Yun Kim said. On average, Kim says that for the maximum level it takes about 30 hours. And in my experience, the pumping really passed quite quickly. My character was already 11 levels when I got to the tent, while others in my group were much lower. However, at the end of my 40-minute game session or so I was already almost 12 levels after execution, possibly only three or four real quests.
One quest made me destroy several Mechanical wolves, another - some amorphous drops to cope with soldiers trying to protect the nearby settlement. As soon as I felt that each stage was really fulfilled, it was a little easier to understand what I was doing. which they can cross. Like the killer, I had the position "Murder" and "Shadow". Murder is what you expect: a close range, high traffic police skills aimed at quickly damage. However, the "shadow" does not correspond to the name. The shadow seems to be focusing on long-range attacks, as your attack automatically attacks your enemy with a dagger.
You have a standard combination of a skin-teleport, which is used during the attack . While the shadow gives you rotating daggers that you can combine with the rotating kunai-cat, which AOE applies to anyone in its path. Attacks in this game are also not aimed at automatic targeting, which means that if your goal is moving, the skills attacks follow them, as in other MMOs. The landscape is in your interests, but still take into account some goals and skills from the player. I hope that in A: IR, battles will be finalized by adding even more nuances. Otherwise, each meeting will take place on a flat surface, which will eventually become boring.
Do you know that it is not boring? The world around me when I was looking for this area. Lush forests surrounded by mechanical structures clog a landscape. Nature and the car are mixed - and this is most widely found in the main city in the area.
Since the game has not yet been localized, there are still no real names for guidelines. In the Old Town there were towering walls, stone buildings still caused a natural sensation. It was a typical fantasy city, but it is also felt as modern with mechanical pipes and designs that dosage the city landscape. -It touched on the surface that Ascent: Infinite Realm is trying to show me. Most may be associated with the language barrier. This left me a feeling and a desire to return and play more (what I did the next day). Ascent: Infinite Realm seems to turn into a decent game, although it has its own nuances. The question is whether these nuances can be developed to the required level. And we will see this next year. "

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