A: IR: people and creatures nousgard
This month at the official forum A: IR (Ascent: Infinite Realm) a couple of teasers devoted to people and creatures Nousgard were published. All illustrations and names mentioned in this article are in the development process and can be changed. In Korea. This includes not only the functions of the game, but also the appearance of the world. Naturally, all players want to learn more about all the improvements made by the developer team. In order not to leave their interest to the unsatisfied, the developers showed a little conceptual art.
in a: IR players will be able to play for the revived citizen of one of the former Kingdoms of Hart, and since all his memories have disappeared , the character will completely depend on the help and leadership of people around to become stronger and find his vocation in the world of conflicts. DIV>"The main emphasis was on the expedition code. The player should feel natural, even if several NPSs wear similar clothes while walking around the village. Therefore, we thought about the design similar to the "special agent". The expedition members should look serious, but with some mystery in their appearance, which was achieved by concealing most of the character and parts of the persons "
General Cruise Axis
After a great disaster, the Axis family strengthened their influence. When Nous settled in Nousgard, thanks to Cruz Axis, the Axis family took the initiative of the arrangement of this unknown land during the time that preceded the appearance of the first star child. , he is a competent and courageous leader, and he is considered the most skilled general since the founding of the Armed Forces of Nous. When he was younger, he never hesitated to fight on the front line, despite his position. Ultimately, during the battles with monsters on floating islands, he lost his leg.
"Equipment of Aksis was developed Using dark colors to emphasize its charismatic and royal personality. We wanted to add rich furs and some historically inspired features to his suit in order to convey the character’s individuality. In addition, in order to distinguish axis from other NPSs, we gave him a prosthesis, instead of a leg that emphasizes his personality as an experienced general "
before the Great The catastrophe there was a planet Hart and three moons around her. However, one of the moon crashed into Hart (the Great Disaster) and a large earthquake happened. The planet was torn into several floating continents, and the debris began to rotate around two satellites. We tried to portray floating islands in the form of a massive sphere connected by gravity, which is an element of the planet, although it was destroyed.
During the great disaster, the destroyed meteorites of Kharta burned and caused a rapid change in climate . Numerous species of animals have died out, but some have still survived to this day, adapting to an unstable environment.
Xumhorn survived a great catastrophe, putting on a relief stone skin to survive after subsequent earthquakes, eruptions in volcanoes and falling meteorites. Some scientists say that Xumhorn has embossed skin because they feed on minerals due to the lack of other elements after a great disaster, and that is why they can often be seen in the district mining, but this is not confirmed.
dunclas - flying fish without eyes.
They hunt, following the smell of blood, and their entire body is covered with sharp spikes.
shadow of death - a furious dragon with a well -developed jaw. >
Starborn, the player, Harras joined the nous military, when he was a student, was appointed Itea family. Without objections, the military nous accepted the like-minded nous, so the generals objected due to its entry. Like Starborn, he stood out among other soldiers, but the military was too limited so that he could fully realize his potential.
in the end, Harras left the Nous army and moved to the expeditionary group, actively heading the mission of intelligence and deconstruction . Harras’s combat abilities cannot be described as one of the best in the expedition group, but since he is a real leader, he rose to the position of the head of the expedition group. Harras is considered a competent and impartial leader and earned respect not only from the group of expeditions, but also from Nous. Leah married him against the desire of her family, because she should not marry a foreigner. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long. Although they were divorced, Harras took care of his daughter Heinel well. However, when Heinella died at an early age, and soon Leah followed her, Harras gradually became closed and focused only on work.

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