A: IR: Review of classes sorceress and mystic
Today on the official website of MMORPG A: IR (Ascent: Infinite Realm) there is an article-review of two classes: a sorceress and mystic (Sorceess & Mystic). The article tells not only about the weapon and style of the game of the class, but also about how you can effectively use them in the battle.
with her subtle instinct and innate gift of witchcraft, the sorceress controls the arsenal of the magic of the elements. Because of its subtle flare to the outside world, it has a reputation of the impulsive and temperamental class.
The sorceress uses a magic staff and a dagger called Athame to strengthen its innate force or manipulates the elements for more complex techniques.
her defense is weak, especially when compared with the power of her attack. This makes her freeze enemies in battle, keep them at a distance or instantly teleport to a safe place, when an inevitable danger is approaching.
The main weapon: the staff<
Magic becomes much more powerful if you focus on one goal. The more powerful magic, the stronger the explosive force, which can be dangerous and difficult to control. This method made it possible to increase accuracy and control, forcing many wizards to accept the tool as a way of their protection, as well as to concentrate their power.
The tools of wizards were originally used - a short, thin wooden wand. However, she could not resist more powerful and confusing types of magic. Ultimately, it was decided to use a large staff, as an adult wizard, and a little thicker in diameter. More modern stages are decorated with precious metals and stones, to increase magical power.
The decoration material varies depending on personal taste, but materials are used, such as wood, stone, iron, glass, bones and precious stones.
Additional weapons: athame (dagger)
20 - 30 cm Magic dagger
It is made of material that helps to increase magical power. The scabbard and hilt of the dagger can also be decorated with materials and jewelry that enhance magical power.
tactical combination of skills - frost/flame
Each class in A: IR has two combat tactics to ensure flexibility in battle. During the battle, you can use them instantly, without any special restrictions, so that you can flexibly respond to constantly changing battle events and use a more thoughtful strategy. DIV>
This is the basic combat skill of the sorceress and specializes in attacks with one goal.
Although this is an attack of medium -range, it maximizes the power of frost magic and weakens the enemies, slowing down or freezing them.
This skill can be obtained at 6 level, and it specializes in the AOE-Uron.
Despite the fact that the skill is slower, than other spells, the obvious destructive force and the range of this attack are ideal for attacks for several targets.
mystic (Mystic)
This child has an exceptional connection with nature, even in a country where bright light falls from the sky and rages rage. B surrounding the world. However, they are introverts and prefer a sedentary lifestyle. Despite their calm nature, they still have an integral desire to interact and help others.
mystics belong to the sick, wounded and weak with kindness and compassion. If peace and harmony are in danger, mystic will seem to lead the battle and win. It is said that the flexibility and speed of the mysticism is magnificent, akin to the dance of the butterfly.
During the battle, the mystic carries a rod, which, apparently, was created by nature itself along with a small totem that serves to strengthen its energy. Whenever she uses the power of nature, she receives a blessing of nature, which allows it to use more powerful skills.
The main weapon: rod
wand, puts in the hand of mysticism and thin enough to use it with one hand. The wands are usually designed to be able to stay with one hand. Stucco molding and symbols, as a rule, adorn the top of the rod, each of which symbolizes nature, and this helps the mysticism to concentrate the forces necessary for spells.
The most common wands are made of branches, but some wands are made of metal or made of metal or special stones, and they are considered light weapons.
Additional weapons: Totem
Totem - Totem - Totem - Totem A magical tool that is formed in a particular plant, animal or natural object that the mystic considers sacred. It is also often made of animals, fur bones or other similar materials and can be decorated with metal, precious stones, lace or even tape.
Temems are very diverse and they enhance the natural power of mysticism. When she directs her strength, the totem begins to glow.
Tactical combination of skills - radiance/greens (green foliage)
This is the basic combat skill of mystic and it is intended for attack.
In the middle of the range, the mystic transfers the energy of light to gradually inflict damage to enemies.
Greens (green foliage):
This skill can be obtained at 6 level. At a great distance, the mystic supports his allies in order to heal and protect them, directing the energy of nature.
This is so far all that was told to us, follow the news with us.

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