A: IR: Screenshots of single dungeons

Developers MMORPG ascent: Infinite Realm (A: IR) published a number of screenshots of dedicated dungeons.

Single -user dungeons are similar to a group of players in the sense that you are undergoing a unique task to get A rare item (equipment, weapons, etc.). But in the solo dungeons you are only at your discretion.

The first dungeon of the goblin cave. Having passed through the crowds of goblins, you find yourself one on one with formidable monsters-bosses.

The second dungeon is the call halls. The uniqueness of this dungeon is that you actually overcome not many obstacles, but you get a truly royal reward. There are only 50 tiers in the call halls. The higher you rise, the stronger your opponent. Monsters on all tiers appear randomly, but every fifth tier will be with a monster boss. True monsters, this is not the worst thing that can be there, there will be additional different obstacles, but also bonuses that can be activated while moving on the upper tier will also be.

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