A: IR: several screenshots of classes and their design

Bluehole has released new work on classes in its new MMORPG ascent: infinite realm.

shooter uses double pistols and rifles, and its design perfectly resonates with the world ascent: Infinite Realm: Coats, Hat and Hat and Hat. The mysterious mask will remind you of the world of fantasy.

The warrior embodies an overwhelming and strong presence. He is able to mercilessly attack and protect his satellites using weapons and armor, designed taking into account these two styles of the game.

The elementalist uses the elements and its design has a striking, but restrained attitude. He wears clothes made of exquisite material, such as a tuxedo, a magic hat and a wand.

Assassin's class uses its daggers with lightning dexterity. It can be either a vile and a furious fighter.

Finally, mystic is a magic class and a group healer. This support class is not limited to healing, and its costume design was inspired by the variety of natural abilities at its disposal.

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