A: IR: talks about fractions

New information about the upcoming fantasy MMORPG ascent: Infinite Realm from Bluehole Studio continues to flow slowly, this time with a little information about two factions of the game: Wulpin and Ontari. Unlike many opposing fractions in MMOs, Wulpin and Ontari have not been enemies since time immemorial. In fact, they were once united as the Solumn empire. But as the empire began to develop and expand, its technologies developed, which quickly became an obsessive idea for many in the empire, which wanted to use technologies to reveal the secret of immortality. Soon, these seekers of immortality became corrupt, and the empire plunged into the civil war, which led to the split of the fractions.

now Wulpin and Ontari created their own civilizations, including Wulpin in the Dharan region in the south of the Hart and Ontari Continent in the north. Wulpins, who were once "the richest and most powerful faction on the continent of Hart," are people related to art and agriculture, who are proud of their rich fields. Ontari, on the other hand, are military and industrial people who live in the mountains and forests of Wrabus. It is not clear what relations of the two former allies among themselves by this time, when the events of the game are taking place, but, despite the differences, it seems that they have a common cause, such as a curse that corrupted the Solumn Empire.

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