A lot of new quests appeared in Final Fantasy XIV

Intermediate update 6.15 MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV "Newfound Adventure", contains a lot of new tasks to occupy the players in anticipation of the next large release of content.

In the upper part of the list there are a couple of new tasks of the "Chronicle of the New Era" For players of the 90 levels who have already completed the main chain of Endwalker tasks. New side plot tasks and user delivery were also added, including the beginning of the Tatar’s quest line "Great Efforts" and the new Hildibram quests.

players can also perform new and daily tasks of the Beast tribe, which will now simply be called quests of the tribe. The new quests of the Arkasodar tribe will set the task of helping the ivory rac and will automatically scale depending on the class and level of the player using the function of quest synchronization. Experience points gained for completing tasks will also be adjusted accordingly. Please note that some tasks may not allow you to change your work or class during their implementation.

the implementation of new daily tasks of the tribe will reward players with a re -offer of the Arkasodar and a tribe of the tribe called Pan. They can be used to buy various award items from the tribal merchant, including the Wind Up Arkasodara minion and the Mount of the Hippo with the cart.

Patch 6.15 also contains new items, interior items, items, items. Recipes, corrections and adjustments. As previously announced, the patch also cancel the changes in the PVP Black Mage, which were included in the PVP balance patch last month. All changes can be found on the official website of Final Fantasy XIV.

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