A new era with a dragon is approaching Neverwinter

MMORPG Neverwinter received a new roadmap for the Echo of Prophecy, along with the dates of the current and future stages of plot content and a new mysterious event. In January, the teaser of the mysterious "module of the future."

In this module of the future, one thing is clear - this is a dragon. It is clear that with the announcement of the return of the dragon cult and the changes supporting their arrival, something will wake up. With the opening of the Echo of Prophecies this month, players can already begin to learn about the strange events. With a share of secrets and the return of the cult (of course) to the troubles, Neverwinter hopes to take players in the coming months.

The released roadmap indicates the dates of all milestones in the new story content, as well as a brief presentation that reveals 12 new plots tasks and two new heroic meetings. With a dragon teizer and even more content that will be released in January, the "echo of the Prophet" will be a good beginning.

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