A new heavenly castle zone appeared in MMORPG Elyon

In the fantasy MMORPG Elyon, the last update brought an increase in the maximum level by two more levels to 52 and the opening of the gate to the new zone of the heavenly castle. Players also gain access to the new tournament to combat pirate ships and the new local tasks of RVR, provided that they meet the minimum requirements of the 46o level and 700 levels of the subject.

within the framework of the event "This is a wonderful world", which is already It has begun, and it will last until March 30, players will be able to earn coins of the combined world tasks and chests with the local tasks of Hart. Coins can be exchanged for various items and furniture, and the opening of the chest will reward players with a guaranteed tool to increase safety and the chance to get other chests with objects, potions to increase the daily use of the spatial portal and other intra -game yummy.

kakao Games also notes The opening of the commander’s training arena, rewarding the icons of the players who participate in the new instance. Then these icons can be exchanged for various awards during the period of the event until March 30. Awards include improvements scrolls, improvement stones, honor glasses, tokens of honor and much more.

Full notes for the patch and details about the event can be found on the official website Elyon.

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