A new season with an underwater card has begun in Valorant

Valorant began in the 5th season: Act 1 with a new underwater card called Pearl, a new rank "Fainting", two new chains of awards and many others.

"Pearl is the present. Underwater miracle. On the new Valorant map you are waiting for outlandish technologies and a classic structure with three tactical directions. No doors, cables and teleports - only you and your skill. Show everything you are capable of! "

Riot Games also expands the rating system, adding a new rank" Pension "between the" diamond "and" immortal ". Players also gain access to completely new combat passes with various awards, as well as a monthly passage of the event of a "clash", which will give players the opportunity to earn players inspired by comics and new titles.

More information can be found on the official website of Valorant.

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