A new series of New World videos was released about players' dwelling

Having completed a series of video tours of Aeternum, Amazon Game Studios launched another series of MMORPG New World video called New World: Settling Down on YouTube. The new series illuminates the dwelling of players in Aeternum in the style of comical reality shows.

Follow the newlyweds James and Elena in several episodes while they are looking for their dreams and justify in Eternum. James is a pension adventurer who needs a place where he could spend days fishing and relax in front of the bonfire after a long day, while Elena is a mercenary who wants to settle next to the place where she can continue to spread the skulls with her huge hammer . There is even a survey of players on Twitter in which the couple should choose a house.

This week a second episode will be released in which you will find out which house James and Elena will be chosen based on, based on the community votes.

Meanwhile, before the official launch of New World 31, less than two months are left.

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