A new sunny card Breeze appeared in Valorant

The time has come on a trip to the bright beaches of the Bermuda triangle-not in real life, I do not think that someday I want to get to this terrible place. But in the tactical FPS Valorant from Riot Games, this is a delightful setting of the new Breeze card. Leaving far from the cold corridors of Icebox, Breeze is a magnificent seaside place with a historical fort, wide open spaces for relaxation (or battles) and some sinister pyramids. The map has already been released now, along with the new combat pass and some expensive skins for weapons in the 2nd episode, 3 acts.

over the next two weeks, you can play without a no force regime only For Breeze, to try out the card before it goes into rotation with everyone else. At this time, Breeze will not be in standard games without a rank or in a rating game. But it will be available in the Games "Fight to death", "Fast installation of Spike" and "Escalation", as well as in "Your game."

there are several other minor updates for this act that you can read in the notes To the patch. But it is worth mentioning that Riot added notifications of complaints. This means that when you complained to Valorant on some player for poor behavior, you will receive a notification as soon as the complaint is considered. It's nice to have such a function that you know that your complaints are not left without attention.

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